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Friday, 20 January 2012

Recent seismic activity - CERA programme on Maori TV.

Maori TV is running a 29 minute programme this Saturday and Sunday where a panel discuss the earthquakes so far experienced, and what the expectations are for the future.

The programme, produced by CTV for CERA, will start at 1.31 pm on both days.

The CERA website (here) has the following information about the programme:

The most recent swarm of aftershocks centred east of Christchurch city has naturally prompted much discussion in the wider community.
Two weeks ago the Christchurch City Council held a briefing for community leaders and the media, in which scientists and geologists explained what they had learned from the December 23 quakes.
To reiterate that information, CERA has produced a panel discussion which will be televised over the coming weekend.
Canterbury's Seismic Activity – What You Need To Know, features GNS scientist Kelvin Berryman and Professor Jarg Pettinga, from Canterbury University’s geological sciences department.
Hosted by Mayor Bob Parker, the discussion covers what has happened, and what expectations scientists have about ongoing seismic activity.
The 29-minute show will screen just prior to Maori Television’s normal scheduled programming this Saturday and Sunday, January 21 and 22, starting at 1.31pm.
This is the third panel discussion that Maori Television has broadcast for CERA, and CERA’s acting chief executive Diane Turner says the support is much appreciated.
“It’s important that we can get reliable, accurate information out to the actual community experiencing these extremely difficult times, in as many ways as possible. This collaborative support from media is invaluable, as the community really benefits.”
The show was produced for CERA by CTV, and delivered to Maori TV with the help of TV3’s Christchurch bureau.

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