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The new CanCERN website may be dodgy

Some years ago the legitimate CanCERN website became redundant and ceased to exist. When it went so did all the files and newsletters associated with it.

Last week, on the 9th of August, the old CanCERN website name became active again. As of today there is nothing on it, but more may come later.  I have contacted former CanCERN people and they have no involvement with it at all.

Checks on the name shows the following: it has been registered in Dubai and the registrant lives in Sofia, Bulgaria. There is a NZ admin contact phone number in Auckland but it is not one I recognise.

Of all the possible combinations of website names that could be used only the old CanCERN one has been purchased.

When you think about it there seems to be no need for anyone in Bulgaria to want to use that name.  It may, or may not, be an innocent situation HOWEVER my advice is to not visit the site in case it has nasties on it - there won't be any legitimate CanCERN information. If I find out otherwise I w…

Commemorating Avonside on Feb 22

The Avon-Otakaro Network have organised a commemoration of Avonside at Retreat Park with a memorial and exhibition this coming Friday starting at 11.00 am. Retreat Park is on the corner of Retreat Road and Patton Street. All are welcome.

The programme is:

11am                   Mihi whakatau and karakia: Te-Kaharoa Manihera

11:05am            Mayor speaks and then officially opens the Memorial by unveiling the entrance signage

11:10am            Haka by boys from SBHS

11:12am            Local Avonside Resident says a few words

11:15am            AGHS Student Leader speaks from the school perspective

11:18am            Waiata: Linwood North Primary

11:22am            UC School of Fine Arts representative speaks to the exhibition.

11:27am            Closing karakia

11:30am            Community BBQ and get together in the reserve – people can have an opportunity to view the panels at their ease and/or chat to the folk from UC re the exhibition


12:15pm            Folk are inv…