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Assessing your next home - Homestar

Most in the Red Zones will be looking at buying another home, as will many Orange Zoners and those rebuilding in the Green Zones. Whether this home is a new or existing one there will be advantages in assessing various aspects of the property.

Homestar is a joint venture partnership between BRANZ and the New Zealand Green Building Council. They have a free on-line system that is:
"... a New Zealand home rating and advisory tool that examines a broad range of home performance and resource consumption-related issues and is applicable to both new and existing homes.The tool helps people assess the intrinsic value of their homes using a robust framework adapted from similar tools throughout the world, based around key indicators of warmth, health and resource performance.A star system is used to indicate the overall performance of the house and ranges from 0-10. A 10-star rated home is an exemplar house across all areas of energy, comfort, health, water, waste, operation, pr…

CERA - Having a say on the Recovery Stratgey

Everyone has until 5.00pm today to make their submission to CERA, on what CERA considers to be the key points for recovery:
What is your vision for the recovery of greater Christchurch?What are the priorities for recovery in the next year? Two years? Five years?How can everyone work together towards recovery?There is time now only to do this via CERA's website here.

I made an on-line submission last night. For what it might be worth here it is. As is often the case there are lots of words so click on the continuation link below to see all of it.

Q. What is your vision for the recovery of greater Christchurch?

For safety reasons a low-rise city with essential, social, business and corporate services and activities distributed across the urban area. A city needs a heart but too much concentration leads to vulnerability. Using the internet as a model it is possible to build along the same lines as long as the communication between nodes is suitably implemented. We need also to…

LIDAR maps of Kaiapoi & Christchurch

The Waimakariri District Council have made available a five page report consisting of aerial maps of Kaiapoi. Each of the five maps shows consequences of the earthquakes in terms of liquefaction, the severity of damage over the area, building damage ratio, height differences (changes to land height) between 2003 and 2011, and ground surface elevation in March 2011.

It can be downloaded as a PDF file fromhere. A wide range of local information can be found on the Waimakariri District Council's New Foundations website here.

Similar information for Christchurch, but not at the level of detail in the Kaiapoi images (which is equivalent to suburb level), was part of the zoning presentation on the 23rd of June. Prepared by Tonkin & Taylor, it is available as a PDF filehere. Also available are PDF copies of the presentations for the areas covered by the Waimakariri District Council (the same report as mentioned above) and Christchurch City Council (here).

For those unfamili…

Neighbourhood Support - crime statistics & other information

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence about how much crime there is and where it is occuring. Neighbourhood Support have on their website a Weekly Crime Information page where you can find the latest information. Also available for download is a file with the latest week's worth of crime statistics. The file lists the date, time and street of burglaries of houses and businesses; thefts from cars; and thefts of cars.

The weekly crime information page is here.

Also on the site is a page of the fact sheets listed below. They are here.

 Your home and property
    Who burgles a house and why?
    Reducing the burglar's opportunities
    Home Burglar Alarms
    What to do when you hear a burglar alarm
    Buying Secondhand Goods
    Serial Number Recording
    Consumer Guarantees Act Made Simple
    Reducing the risk of handbag, briefcase and laptop theft
    Reducing the risk of theft from student accommodation

Neighbourhood Issues
    Preparing for the Bird Flu

CERA's "My Housing Expo"

One of CERA's first responses to help people in the residential Red Zone is to run a two day expo at the end of the month.

On Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st CERA's “My Housing Options Expo” will be on at the Addington Raceway. In Roger Sutton's words (media release is here) it will be:
... a kind of one-stop shop for residents affected by the land decisions.It will be an opportunity for them to talk to a whole range of organisations in one place, as they consider relocation and property decisions.  Government agencies and local authorities will be there, along with business and private organisations such as insurance companies, the Real Estate Institute, banks, architects and designers.There will also be seminars covering areas such as building a house or renting, buying a property and organising insurance.We know that people need to have the full range of information and options available to make the choices that work best for their circumstances.  This …

Wastewater works - Avonside Drive near Bracken Street, 19 July to 19 August

The following is from the Stronger Christchurch - Infrastructure Rebuild website. It affects Avonside Drive between Bracken Street and Robson Avenue. 
We will be working on a temporary wastewater system in Avonside Drive from Tuesday 19 July for approximately one month.• This work will take place between 7am and 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday. The work is expected to finish by 19 August 2011.• We are repairing wastewater services for properties between 294 to 336 Avonside Drive.  This work involves installing temporary pipes and in-ground tanks where sucker trucks will be used to remove waste contents.• The work will result in increased noise and vibration levels.• The work will not impact on current water or power services.• There will also be no right turn from Bracken Street into Avonside Drive during this time. • During this period of construction there will be special cordons around construction areas for safety. • Any existing wastewater service will be temporarily interrup…

Unbanked EQC cheques

EQC has issued a news release encouraging those who have unpresented EQC cheques to bank them. As at the beginning of this month $1.9 m worth of claim cheques had not been banked.

If claimants are holding on to a cheque because they disagree with the assessment that has been made EQC have said:
“Some people are querying their assessment and they believe that by cashing the cheque they have accepted the decision made by EQC. This is not the case,” he said.“If anyone feels our assessment is not correct they can be reassured that they can continue to talk with EQC to resolve the situation. Banking the cheque will not affect the final settlement amount and it is particularly important that people have the money, at what may be a difficult time for them.”The full release is here. .