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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gib board damage - best practice for assessment, repairs, and replacement

With an increasing number of complaints about the quality of Fletchers/EQR repair work, having an understanding of what constitutes good practice and appropriate repairs is a good form of self help (and self defence).

Winstone Wallboards, manufacturers of Gib Board, have a web page that provides a range of printed articles, reports and booklets covering the assessment and repair or replacement of damaged wall board. Of particular importance is the information on how Gib Board provides internal strength to a house, and how the correct (or incorrect) treatment of damaged wall board affects the structural integrity of a house.

If you read only one item then this is the one to read: Repairing Earthquake Damaged Linings, an article that originally appeared in Build magazine. The two page article can be downloaded from here.

The article spells out clearly why the very careful checking of wallboard damage is needed, what hidden damage there may be, the best practice methods for checking the extent of the damage that has occurred, appropriate fixes, and the inevitable problems that will result from simple fixes.

All the articles etc. can be downloaded from here. 

From the web page:

On this page you’ll find links to information that may be of assistance to you. If you cannot find what you require, or need additional information call the GIB® Technical Support Helpline on 0800 100 442.  Also our technical support team, including structural engineers, are available for face-to-face information sessions.  Call the GIB® Helpline to discuss timing and specifics of the information required.
The information available includes:
Repairing Earthquake Damaged Wall LiningsAn article from Build magazine that outlines how to repair the interior wall linings that have lost stiffness and strength following the Canterbury earthquakes
Post-Earthquake Performance of Sheet Bracing ElementsA technical report  from Dr Richard Hunt which using results from extensive testing determines the extent of loss of stiffness and strength to a sheet bracing element that has been subjected to an earthquake event
Guidelines for Earthquake Damaged propertiesAn information bulletin that gives some general guidelines for repairing GIB® plasterboard linings in wind and earthquake damaged properties
Repairing Lath and Plaster Walls and CeilingsAn information bulletin that provides general guidelines for assessing  and carrying out remedial work to lathe and plaster walls and ceilings
Designing Bracing UpgradesAn information bulletin to assist with effectively designing home to improve that bracing performance
GIB® News articles relating to the Canterbury Earthquakes Two articles that detailed some of the damage that buildings incurred and the performance of plasterboard bracing systems. 

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