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Street update

Retreat road is closed because of flooding and fissures at the lower end. Cowlishaw Street is closed at the top end. Access to Avonside Drive from Woodham Road is now available (thence in to Cowlishaw Street and Chaddesden Lane). For the moment Swans Road bridge is open despite being damaged.

As at 12.00 noon still no utilities.

Paul has more regular access to the internet than I do so contact him if you can.

Hi folks

Hi folks - in our area we are down (no power, water, sewer or telephone) but still going.

It may be a few days before there is another post but I can tell you the damage is greater but, so far, no one hurt.

Opting out from the EQR/Fletchers process

NOTE: This post has been updated - seehere

On the 19th of February there was a post on having repairs done by EQR/Fletchers (here). Some people may want to opt out of that process and take responsibility for their own repairs.

EQC, on their blog site (here), have outlined what is involved in opting out. As before the following has been taken direct from the February 18 post on the EQC blog, with changes to the layout into a bullet point form. None of the words, structure or meaning have been altered.
"If ... you wish to proceed with opting out we need to be satisfied repairs are correctly completed to your property. 
You will need to obtain a fully detailed quotation from your builder. This quotation must cover the same areas as those detailed on the scope of works completed by the EQC estimators. The quotation must be submitted to EQC for approval before proceeding with any repair work. When acceptance of the quotation has been given, the builder may commence the repair …

Accelerated aging and deterioration of homes awaiting repair

Gail and I went to a local CanCERN/Avonside Community meeting at the Scout Hall this evening. The meeting's purpose was to provide updates on various activities, and identify some important local and more global issues.

One significant issue raised was that of home maintenance while waiting for repairs to be done. The example given was that of a wooden villa in need of significant repairs. As it is in a Zone C area, where some of the dams are to be built, nothing is likely to happen for at least 2 years. Even homes in B zones, where they are at the back of the queue for repairs, will face this issue

Question - what maintenance can be done in the meantime? If left as it is (and many, many homes are in the same situation) the existing damage will allow significant accelerated aging and deterioration to occur. If important maintenance is needed, who will pay for it? EQC are quite clear that they will only pay out on small permanent repairs (under $2,000), and then only if t…

CCC - Extraordinary Meeting on the Earthquake

The CCC have a web page with information about the various community board, council committee and sub-committee meetings, along with the agenda for each meeting, and copies of the minutes. The agenda is made available well in advance of the meetings, and the minutes some time afterwards. The page ishere.

Tomorrow night there is a meeting of the Christchurch City Council, being an Extraordinary Meeting on The Earthquake. The agenda, as published on the council's website, 9.20pm this evening, reads (I have bolded the last line for emphasis):


I'm not sure they have quite got the idea of communicating what is going on.

EQR/Fletchers have updated the News page of their website.

Mostly it is the addition of a number of historical news items, with links to the relevant web sites or documents. It is useful to the extent that it provides access to material relating to the EQC and Fletchers relationship and activities.

Of more immediate note is a news release dated 18 February giving an update on the EQR/Fletchers project. Pretty much a PR release. The News page ishere.

Accommodation support when the insurance money runs out.

Earthquake Minister Gerry Brownlee released details of the accommodation support package late last week. You can find his press release here.

The Temporary Accommodation Financial Assistance will be:
$180 a week for a one-person household $275 a week for a two-person household $330 a week for households of three or more people.Those needing the support can apply from today at one of the four Canterbury Earthquake Temporary Accommodation Service offices at:
Work and Income, 231 High Street, Christchurch Linwood Community Link, 154 Aldwins Road, Linwood, Christchurch Papanui Work and Income, 7 Winston Avenue, Papanui, Christchurch Waimakariri Earthquake Hub, 24 Sewell Street, KaiapoiThey can also be contacted on 0800 673 227 and, at some stage, a satellite service will be provided for residents in the Selwyn district.
More information about the package can be found at the dedicated website One part of the website outlines the help available for tho…

EQC - Interpretative Geotech Report for Tai Tapu

As with the previously released interpretative reports, the Tai Tapu report consists of 8 pages of text followed by references, maps and diagrams. The report is readable, and worth the effort. The report ishere.

For now, the only part of the text immediately relevant to us homeowners is in Section 7.3 Reconstruction Considerations - Land (page 6 of the report). Also of interest is the Section 9 Summary of the report (page 8, reproduced in full below). In reading the material please keep in mind that I am not a geotechnical specialist.

7.3 Reconstruction Considerations - Land

Future risk of land damage

In Section 7.3 - Land we find out whether the land is at greater risk to earthquake damage than before 4 September. The ideal answer is that it is not.  For Tai Tapu the report says:
In terms of Section 106 of the Resource Management Act 1991, and Section 71 of the Building Act 2004, we consider that the risk of land damage due to a future seismic event is sufficiently low that bu…

Earthquake Recovery Briefing, 19/02/11

I went to this briefing on behalf of our residents' society. Christchurch City Council will send out minutes but here is a quick view of issues raised during the 5 hour meeting.

Need for a Recovery Programme: there was widespread concern about the lack of a timeline for repairs with milestones and a person responsible for the recovery programme. Gerry Brownlee declined the idea of appointing a Recovery Tsar. Said it needs to be a Council led recovery. Amazingly, the Cabinet quake committee manages to meet weekly but Christchurch City Council is so busy it can only meet fortnightly.

Getting through the Relocation: Ivan Iveala of the Ministry of Social Development has recruited 34 co-ordinators who will work in the hubs, liaising with people who have to move out of their homes while repairs are done. It is their job to help you find alterative accommodation and liaise with government departments/agencies on your behalf. 0800 673 227 or 0800 777 846. The Department of Building and Hou…

EQC blog - if you decide to stay with the PMO (EQR/Fletchers) scheme

When the time comes to look at repairs, the quality control and financial security offered by EQC (the PMO - EQR/Fletchers) is unlikely to be equalled by opting out and organising things yourself.

EQC has had difficulty getting itself organised and meeting expectations etc. Never the less they are trying to provide the best possible means of getting claimants back to as good a position as before the earthquakes. Contracting EQR/Fletchers to do the repairs seems to me to be evidence of that. Consider the following taken from the EQC blog (here). I have rearranged the layout but the words and sense are unaltered.
If you decide to stay in the PMO scheme:
All building consents and design work will be obtained for you by FletchersApart from the statutory excess payable on all claims, there is no cost to you if in completing the repair works the actual cost of repair exceeds the EQC assessment estimate. All work carried out under the PMO scheme will be completed in accordance with …