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Christchurch earthquake grant - for BNZ Customers with school-age children

BNZ Markets has established a fund to provide grants to Christchurch based BNZ customers with school-age children.

Applications must be accompanied by a statement of less than 500 words as to the reason for the application along with quotes or estimates of expenses to be incurred, or invoices of expenses that have already been incurred. Applications close on the 17th of June.

From the BNZ website:
BNZ Markets have up to $15,000 available to give away as community grants to Christchurch based BNZ customers who have been financially affected by the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. The grants are available to families with school-age children to give a hand with expenses that are not already covered by insurance. Expenses may relate to education, sports, health or music – wherever you need help.The grants are a result of fundraising events held by BNZ Markets in memory of a former colleague, Cayne Dunnett, who suffered a fatal heart-related illness in 2004. BNZ Markets have alrea…

CCC - water supply update

The CCC issued a media release yesterday advising the release of a map showing where work is required to repair and replace the city's water supply.

It is quite a daunting task. A total of 124km of water mains were damaged by the September and February earthquakes. So far 10km of pipes have been replaced from the September earthquake and 12km from February, which leaves a very large distance to go (approximately from here to Leeston and back, or if travelling north, about from here to Amberley and back).

The map, in PDF format, is here, and the media release here.

Just our part of the map is shown below. The red parts are where there is damage to the water supply, the green area represents the site of Avonside Girls High School.

Orion newsletter

Orion have released a two page newsletter online describing the current power supply situation, and the temporary measures being taken to secure electricity to the city. In the newsletter is a message for customers living in eastern areas: conserve electricity if you can, but make sure you keep warm.

The second page of the newsletter is a map of the major projects Orion will be doing in its 10 year plan for Christchurch. The newsletter, in PDF form, ishere.

More Red Cross grants

The New Zealand Red Cross have announced two new grants to help some people over winter, and those with school children travelling significant distances to school.

Winter Assistance Grant for those over 65

From the Red Cross website:
Up to $400 per household paid over four months to assist with electricity billsThe aim of this grant is to assist people over 65 years who are living in their significantly damaged homes caused by either the September or February earthquake. The significant damage must include serious compromise to the insulation of their homes.This grant assists people with their electricity bills over the months of June, July, August and September.This grant is for up to $400 in total and will be made up of four monthly payments of $100 which will be paid directly to electricity retailer outlined on the application form.There is a downside to this grant. You must be able to prove your house has been significantly damaged. If EQC or your insurance company have ye…

Avonside Community Group Newsletter 31 May 2011

Another great newsletter from Leanne Curtis. The newsletter contains a large amout of information so check for the link that takes you to its continuation.

Hi people

We, like many others, are trying to decide whether or not we stick it out in Avonside for the long haul or rent for awhile to get a bit of breathing space. The pros and cons list is a confusing one and not made easier by the lack of sleep and endless waiting! It's certainly more difficult after February and I fear many have retreated from their neighbours as we all struggle to keep our own families going through the difficult winter. I always want to hit back at the people who keep commenting on the resiliency of the eastern suburbs. Of course many are feeling resilient and are happy with their newly discovered community spirit. However, there are those of us who have done this for a long time now and don't feel quite so able to help the neighbourhood in the same way. There has been a retreat from the &#…

Lockyer Valley, Queensland - land swapping out of the flood zone

Ages ago, in January this year, the State of Queensland suffered unprecedented floods which caused loss of life, and major damage inland and around Brisbane.

The Lockyer Valley was the worst hit area and parts of it are considered unsuitable, and unsafe, for housing. Residents living in Grantham, Murphys Creek, Postmans Ridge, Withcott and Helidon have been offered a voluntary deal by the Lockyer Valley Regional Council: swap your old land for a new section in a safe part of the region. Their scheme is on a much smaller scale than would be needed in Christchurch, but shows what innovative thinking can produce. One aspect more generous than our EQC based system is the provision whereby residents will get a new section the same size as their old one.

The basics of the scheme are:
it is voluntaryit is freeit is designed to allow residents to rebuild within their communitiesresidents will be allocated sections the same size as the one they are swapping (like for like)residents no…

Holy Trinity Avonside - fun day

A reminder: Holy Trinity Avonside are holding a community fun day in the car park of Holy Trinity Avonside (Lychgate Close – off Stanmore Rd) on Monday the 6th of June from 10am until 2pm (Queen’s birthday).

The day will be a day for the whole family to enjoy! It will have give-aways, as well as activities for children, and free bouncy castle and face painting. This is an opportunity for groups from our neighbourhood to fundraise or to raise awareness for their group.

What the Minister told the Councillors about land retreat

Councillor Sue Wells has a blog which is very, very good.

On Saturday she recorded what councillors have been told by Gerry Brownlee, and others, on the issues with the land, and how complex a problem it is.

If you read nothing else on the internet today, do read her blog entry What the Minister told the Councillors about land retreat which ishere.

Insurance industry disputes Ombudsman - ISO

The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman (ISO) is a person and organisation established and funded by the insurance industry to provide a means for unhappy customers to have insurance related disputes resolved. More information on the ISO can be found here.

The ISO have released a new two page disputes brochure.  It is not a particularly informative brochure, but does outline the procedure to be followed with your insurance company before you can complain to the ISO, and what happens after the ISO receives your complaint. You can get the brochure here.

There is a certain amount of window dressing in the brochure. It lays out an optimistic view, set in circumstances that don't include the scale and size of damage arising from a major earthquake. Despite the number of times encouraging words are used in the brochure (independent, impartial, free, help) the ISO is part of a potentially tortuous and one-sided process. These problems are discussedhere.

The Terms of Reference (rul…