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Barbecue at Avonside Girls High School - with photos

Arrow, project managers for the work at the School, and the Ministry of Education hosted a barbecue this morning to which local residents were invited. It was an opportunity to see how much work had been done so far. Demolition work is almost complete and the original batch of relocatable classrooms are being prepared.

There are to be up to 25 more relocatable classrooms put on the site as the Jobberns and Gresson blocks do not meet the new earthquake standards and cannot be fixed in time for a term one opening next year. Most of the additional relocatable classrooms are to be built on site, but a few will be trucked in. The extra classrooms will provide staff facilities, science rooms, and a toilet block.

Click the link for photographs

Red Cross - Independent advice grant for vulnerable homeowners

The Red Cross have announced a grant for vulnerable homeowners who live in the Red Zone, or have repairs in excess of $100,000. The following is from the Red Cross website:
(a grant of) up to maximum of $750 per household to assist vulnerable homeowners with obtaining assistance on what to do with their earthquake damaged property.

The grant is aimed at assisting vulnerable people whose property has been assessed at costing over $100,000 to repair and/or their land has been zoned red. A vulnerable person can be defined as the applicant or a member of their household must either be disabled/have a pre-existing medical condition, or be over 65 yrs or have children who live with them who are under 18 years.Full information and an application form can be found here.

Roger Sutton - Explaining the Green Zone categories

Roger Sutton will be on Maori TV at 1.30 on Saturday explaining the new Green Zone technical categories.

CERA: zoning changes and updated Zone's map

CERA have updated their Zones map to take into account today's announcements. You will find ithere.

The text of the announcements arehere for residential properties, andhere for non-residential properties.

The reasons for the decisions aren't known as the relevant Cabinet Papers have yet to appear on the CERA website.

Earthquake Royal Commission - Peer review of the Department of Building and Housing technical investigation reports

The Earthquake Royal Commission has received a peer review of the Department of Building and Housing's technical and investigation reports.

From the Royal Commission's website:
This report by William Holmes of Rutherford & Chekene consulting engineers in San Francisco peer reviews the following Department of Building and Housing technical investigation reports:
Structural Performance of Christchurch CBD Buildings in the 22 February Aftershock: Stage 1 Expert Panel Report dated 30 September 2011 (DBH Expert Panel);Investigation into the Collapse of the Pyne Gould Corporation Building on 22nd February 2011 dated 26 September 2011 (Beca);Report on the Structural Performance of the Hotel Grand Chancellor in the Earthquake of 22 February 2011 dated 26 September 2011 (Dunning Thornton Consultants Ltd);Investigation into the Collapse of the Forsyth Barr Building Stairs on 22nd February 2011 dated 26 September 2011 (Beca)The 13 page review (here) discusses the approach tak…

Insurance Ombudsman - information updates for residential and small business policy holders

The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman's office has produced consumer information sheets for earthquake claimants who have residential or small business policies. These sheets, along with a lot of others, are here.

More Green Zone information

CERA have added a new page to their website that brings together existing material on the three categories of Green along with information about the TC3 (Green-Blue) meetings to be held this week and next. The page is here.

The meetings from tomorrow on are:
Wednesday 16 November
For Parklands residents held at Parklands Baptist Church from 3-5pm
For St Albans / Richmond residents held at St Albans Baptist Church from 6.30-8.30pmThursday 17 November
For Woolston residents held at Woolston Working Men's Club from 11am-1pm
For Aranui residents held at Chisnallwood Intermediate from 6.30-8.30pmFriday 18 November
For St Albans / Richmond residents held at St Albans Working Mens Club from 2.30-4.30pm
For Kaiapoi residents held at Kaiapoi North Primary School from 6.30-8.30pmMonday 21 November
For Parklands residents held at Parklands Baptist Church from 2-4pm
For St Albans / Richmond held at St Albans Baptist Church from 6.30-8.30pmTuesday 22 November
For Bishopdale residents …

Blog hack warning

Problem fixed - blog has been moved to for hosting
The companion version of this blog www.avonsideblog has been hacked and has a redirect to a site in Russia!

The folk who host the blog are looking at getting it back. In the meantime stay away.

Green/Blue TC3 zone meetings starting tomorrow

There seems to be a significant communications issue over CERA community meetings for those who are living on TC3 land.

Apparently the meetings aimed at those living in this area start tomorrow (Monday), and are scheduled for locations in Hagley Park and St Albans. The CERA website makes no mention of them, nor do their Twitter or Facebook accounts.

The following is from a newsletter put out by MP Brendon Burns:
Ø Monday, November 14: 1.00-3.00pm: Geodome Hagley Park
Ø Tuesday, November 15: 6.30-8.30pm: Geodome Hagley Park
Ø Wednesday, November 16: 6.30-830pm: St Albans Baptist Church (McFaddens Rd)
Ø Friday, November 18: 2.30-4.30pm: St Albans Working Men's Club (Hills Rd)
Ø Monday, November 21: 6.30-8.30pm: St Albans Baptist ChurchMaybe CERA should run their 0800 number 7 days a week. This would help when things seem to have gone wrong, and especially when news releases are issued immediately prior to a weekend.