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Southern Response - update on Build options especially cross lease properties

Southern Response have updated their webpage on options available to those with rebuilds. Part of the new information relates to people with cross leased properties.The update is here and the cross lease information below (original here).

Southern Response - progress report to April 2013

A few days ago Southern Response published their progress report to the end of April 2013. It is available here..

Comments on the EQC Mediation service - Part 2

The fourth document in the process is the Settlement Agreement. Before we get to it some context is needed, as there are important factors to be taken into account. The first is, when reading this, please remember it is an area in which you need to get professional advice before making a decision.  MotivesThe correct view to take of EQC's Mediation Service is a dismissive one. The Service is aimed at creating the impression EQC is being proactive and helpful, part of the on-going public relations campaign of boosting EQC's profile while marginalising claimants. It is interesting that, in promoting the Service, neither EQC nor AMINZ suggest that mediation could be anything other than a walk in the park. Yet, at it’s core, the Service is potentially a mechanism for getting rid of difficult cases and unsuspecting claimants down a dark alleyway.This may seem harsh, yet there is no cause to think otherwise. The experience of many is EQC has no sympathy for claimants who challenge t…

Updates and clarifications to the MBIE’s guidance for repairs and rebuilding in Canterbury

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has published a page of updates, clarification and further information on technical issues relating to MBIE’s guidance ‘Repairing and rebuilding houses affected by the Canterbury earthquakes’. These issues result from feedback received on the guidance since its publication in December 2012 (here).  .

Comments on the EQC Mediation service - Part 1

This first post covers the basic information relating to EQC’s Mediation Service. The Service has a website here.To access the process you must first be approved by EQC as being a suitable candidate. There is an EQC brochure A Guide to the EQC Mediation Service (here) which sets out the basics. The information topics in the brochure are:Who can use the EQC Mediation Service? How does the EQC Mediation Service work? Do I have to pay for it? Who is bound by the mediation settlement? What happens if there is no settlement? What are the criteria for being offered mediation? What if I haven’t been offered the service but would like to use it anyway?This brochure is an important starting point, especially as mediation is not available for some of the major issues that exist between claimants and EQC.  Areas of dispute that are covered by the Service must contain one or more of the following elements:A dispute which concerns matters of opinion (e.g. value of contents) that can be discu…