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Earthquake Royal Commission - submission of final report

From the Royal Commission’s website:The Commission completed its work when it delivered the third and final part of its Final Report on 29 November 2012.Any media enquiries about the Commission should be directed to the Department of Internal Affairs.Any media enquiries about the Government's release of the Commission's Final Report should be directed to the Attorney General's office. .

Research: Evacuation procedures in big cities after massive earthquakes

The most recent Bulletin of the Tokyo Institute of Technology contains an article on Japanese research into evacuation procedures in big cities after major earthquakes.Based on the behaviour of individuals immediately after the 11th of March 2011 earthquake, the researchers have been looking at models of how people are likely to behave as they attempt to make their own way home, and the hazards they might encounter. Likely to be very pertinent to Wellington, which would have additional hazards from landslips.From the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s website (here):

EQC - Official Information Act request advice

EQC have posted information to the Rebuild Christchurch website giving guidance on how best to request information from EQC. The page is here.

More Earthquake Case Studies – Insurance and Savings Ombudsman

The Insurance and Savings Ombudsman (ISO) has posted more earthquake case studies on their website here.In each case there was a dispute between the insured and the insurer which was referred to the ISO for investigation and a ruling. The issues covered areScope of Cover (4 cases including some Red Zone issues surrounding value) Temporary Accommodation (3 cases) Loss of Rent Non-disclosure (although not stated it appears that the ISO’s decision hinged on a phone call recorded by the insurance company). Assignment (not permitted to assign a temporary accommodation entitlement to a purchaser as part of an agreement for sale and purchase). Floor Area and under insuranceIn reading the cases and better understanding the role and limitations of the ISO, it is increasingly clear that where there is doubt, or a conflict of versions, the benefit goes in favour of insurers..

Earthquake Royal Commission – California's Safety Assessment Program

The Royal Commission has made available a copy of the California Emergency Management Agency’s Safety Assessment  Program Coordinator Student Manual. It can be downloaded from here.This manual sets out training material for use by SAP (Safety Assessment Program) coordinators to ensure a standardised approach is taken to emergency situations (for California most notably fires and earthquakes). The copy on the Royal Commission’s website was released in January of this year, and contains updates arising from the lessons learnt in the Canterbury earthquakes..

EQC TC3 drilling data

EQC have added a page to their website that gives a brief explanation of what happens to the data obtained from drilling. The page is here..