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EQC - changes to the rules on non-structural repairs

EQC announced yesterday that non-structural repairs under $15,000 (formally $10,000) will now be paid out to homeowners rather than passed to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme (Fletcher EQR).It appears that this will be an automatic process with homeowners having to opt back in if they don’t want to undertake the repairs themselves.The media release (here) reads:

EQC drilling plan update

EQC updated it’s drilling plan on Thursday (here).

Red Zone workshops – Avonside and Wainoni Q&A available

CERA yesterday posted on their website the questions recorded at the Avonside and Wainoni workshops held in March, along with the answers from the various agencies present (here). The delay in making them available arose from time spent to ensure the answers were as full, plain English, and up to date as possible.As some of the answers are more detailed and up to date than those provided at earlier workshops held in other areas they will have relevance to other Red Zoners. Some of the records of previous have workshops have been changed to include this updated information..

Another Ansvar update

The Press has another update on Ansvar, now ACS Ltd.The article (here) notes that Ansvar has settled $366m worth of claims, against the over $700m lodged (also mentioned by the NZ Herald here).  The Press has also reported on the company’s credit rating here.

Spanish researchers design an earthquake resistant house

Website Science Daily report that researchers at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid have successfully tested a new system to build earthquake resistant houses for the third world. The houses use pre-fabricated steel trusses that are light and easy to install by hand. The floors and walls can then be built with local materials including brick and block. The prototypes are very small but may be capable of being scaled up. Something that could be modified for use in the greater Christchurch area? Something that could be modified for those who don’t intend leaving the Red Zone?The article is here.

Earthquake Royal Commission – Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses

The Royal Commission has published the Code of Conduct for Expert Witnesses prepared by the Parliamentary Counsel Office (here). Based on Schedule 4 of the High Court Rules it reads: Duty to the court
1   An expert witness has an overriding duty to assist the court impartially on relevant matters within the expert's area of expertise.2  An expert witness is not an advocate for the party who engages the witness.Evidence of expert witness
3  In any evidence given by an expert witness, the expert witness must— (click link to continue)