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Christchurch Police - Facebook page

Christchurch police have just set up a Facebook page to help Christchurch people be safe and feel safe.The page, which is here, has been active for less than two days and is already very popular.  See the faces of those with whom the police would like to have a chat. Anyone you know?.

Southern Response – asbestos handling information

Southern Response have added the following information to their website (here), describing how properties with asbestos will be treated. Before your repair work begins the main repair contractor will assess whether they need to test for the presence of asbestos in building materials in your home - based on the age, construction materials used and the nature and location of earthquake damage.  If asbestos testing is needed, the main contractor will arrange for inspection of the earthquake damaged areas; This will be done at our cost. If asbestos is identified in earthquake damaged materials, a competent contractor will be engaged to remove that type of asbestos product that is earthquake damaged. The main contractor is fully responsible for asbestos identification, testing, removal and disposal as per the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment rules and Health and Safety Act. We will advise you if asbestos is identified in earthquake damaged areas of your home and can give you…

CERA - updated Cabinet Papers and Minutes

CERA yesterday updated its page of Cabinet Papers and Minutes (here). A quick check indicates that the changes fall into four categories. The first is replacing unsigned documents with signed copies. The second is updated versions with some or all of the information that was withheld in the past. Third is where a larger paper has now been broken down into a separate document, and the fourth new material added to the page.The papers concerned are (italics for signature only, bold for additional text, standard text where a paper has been split out from a previously available document, and  underlined because it looks like a new paper i.e. my record of this CERA page does not show the document to have been present before yesterday).Changes to CERA’s existing web page headingsCabinet Paper: Land Decisions - June 2011 (replaced on 30 July 2013) Cabinet Paper: Kaiapoi Orange Zones - August 2011 (replaced on 30 July 2013)CAB Min (11) 41/24 - Canterbury Earthquake Recovery: Decisions on Rema…