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Review of land zoning decisions

The decisions on applications for zoning reviews have been announced. CERA have a general media release information here. More detail including:About the zoning review What the review covered What the review did not cover Extension to the offer periodis availablehere.  Also available are: Cabinet Minute and Paper – Zoning Review FrameworkCabinet Minute and Paper – Findings of the Canterbury Zoning Review Advisory GroupZoning Review Advisory Group minutesMedia release: Review of land zoning decisions completedCanterbury Land Information Map (an up-to-date map of residential land zoned Red).

Earthquake Royal Commission – Final Report, Part 1

The Government has released Part one of the final report of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission. The report contains recommendations to inform early decision-making about the central city's recovery from the Canterbury earthquakes. There are a number of findings and 70 technical recommendations, all of which have been adopted by the Government. The joint statement to this effect by the the Attorney General and the Construction Minister is here. The Construction Minister has said the Government expects to issue a full and comprehensive response to the Royal Commission’s complete findings in early 2013.Part 1 of the Report consists of: Volume 1 Summary and Recommendations in Volumes 1-3, Seismicity, Soils and the Seismic Design of Buildings Volume 2 The Performance of Christchurch CBD Buildings Volume 3 Low-Damage Building TechnologiesThe full report, summary and recommendations from Volumes 1-3, and the individual volumes can be found here..

VERO update

From the Stuff news website:Some Vero clients in Christchurch may not have their repairs started until 2015, the insurer says. Vero said today it would start repairs and rebuilding in Christchurch over three years, with some starting from this year through to start dates in 2014 and possibly 2015. The elderly and those with special health needs will have priority. Vero aims to give all its Christchurch claimants a timetable by the end of next month. The full article is here..

Earthquake Royal Commission – Roles and Responsibilities

The Royal Commission published a discussion paper on Roles and Responsibilities (here) and called for submissions. The summary of the discussion paper reads:This paper presents key issues that are faced by central and local government, and the building and construction industry, when developing and enforcing legal and best practice requirements for buildings in earthquake events. The paper looks at systemic issues that have appeared to date in the course of the Inquiry, and asks for further information and views on these. Issues relating to the policy and legislative settings for earthquake-prone buildings are not addressed in this paper as submissions and a hearing on this matter are completed.The Commission has now released the submissions received from various bodies. Some local authorities have made submissions (click on the name to go to that submission). Wellington City Council in particular have made some interesting points about the inadequacies of both recent law changes and …

An on-line TC3 residents’ survey

The St Albans Community Website has published a link to an on-line survey for those on TC3 land. It would appear the survey information will be used to make statistical statements to media, Insurers, EQC and CERA.  Unfortunately there is nothing on the survey to identify who is running it, however none of the questions ask for personal information so it is worth a go (here)..

Vero’s view of progress

Vero’s head of earthquake response Jimmy Higgins has described the gap between customer expectations and what insurers are delivering as being of report have reported on Mr Higgins comments to the New Zealand Insurance Law Association. A few quotes:Jimmy Higgins says it’s understandable that consumers who have lived in damaged housing for up to two years can lose trust in the ability of insurers, the Government and its agencies, and start to question the point of insurance.But Mr Higgins says insurers, the Earthquake Commission, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority and the Government are trying to bridge the expectation gap, and the progress insurers are making is consistent with the scale and complexity of the disaster. “The Christchurch recovery has had to contend with unique factors including scale, complexity and lack of recent experience in managing massive natural-hazard disasters,” he said. “No individual participant, such as an insurer or gover…