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Post after-shocks report

Poor old Retreat Road experienced significant amounts of liquefaction and flooded again, as did the southern end of Keller Street (see photographs below). Chaddesden Lane and both ends of Cowlishaw Street also experienced liquefaction. Patten Street, Silverdale Place and Halley Place seemed okay. Once more the river turned the colour of mushroom soup.

There seems to have been no injuries or significant problems with property. The worst damage has been sustained by people, especially Orange zoned people, who still don't know what the future holds for them as their well being is battered again.

How long is it going to be until those in Retreat Road, Chaddesden Lane and elsewhere get rezoned? While government ministers and their officials take a nice long break, those who are in a most dreadful situation wait upon their leisure. Not the most civilised or humane of approaches for a government to take. Perhaps now the Prime Minister will exercise leadership and…

Support availability for the holiday period

During the Christmas shut-down period some support services will still be available if required. The following is from the CERA web site, and a list of support services is available here.
Canterbury Support Line
The Canterbury Support Line for services such as counselling, accommodation assistance, financial assistance, legal services or health services will be available to callers over the Christmas period from 8.30am to 11.00pm seven days a week on 0800 777 846.Temporary Accommodation
The Temporary Accommodation Service will be available on normal working days throughout the Christmas and New Year period. Their contact number is 0800 673 227. For accommodation assistance on other days people can go to or call 0800 777 846.Government Helpline
The 0800 Government Helpline (0800 77 99 97) is closed on the statutory holidays. The normal operating hours are 7.00am to 6.00pm weekdays, and 8.00am to 1.00pm Saturday. Housing New Zealand
Housing New Ze…

On being Green - technical categories and your property.

This week CERA sent Green-Blue TC3 properties a booklet called Technical categories and your property. The booklet can be downloaded as a PDF fromhere.

Over 12 pages the booklet endeavours to take away the mystery of what the categories mean, especially the Green-Blue TC3 category. This is done under the following headings:
Technical categories explainedClaim process flow chartTechnical categories and EQCNext steps for your insurance claimInfrastructure and consentingDoes it work to demystify the land categories? For me - not much. The reasons are:

Some of the wording used is more likely to cause confusion than reduce it.
On page 2 the introduction contains the following "Land in the green zone is generally considered suitable for residential construction ..." What does "generally" mean? Can it be inferred that some Green zoned sections will at some stage be deemed unsuitable for rebuilding? If so, a reference to where the explanatory information can be foun…

Release of EQC and Fletchers repair time frames

EQC have today released information on the time frames for repair work to be undertaken by Fletchers/EQR. The main target for the Canterbury Home Repair Programme is 80 percent of homes in the managed repair programme completed by 2014.

Fletchers/EQR have stated:
“Within this target (80%), EQC will prioritise the worst damaged homes – those with over $50,000 worth of damage. We hope to have these completed by mid-2013, but it will depend on the number of properties which ultimately fall into this category. We will update our customers on progress against this target as we go."The EQC media release is hereand that of Fletchers/EQRhere.

There is no hard information yet about how decisions will be made, and whether priority will also be assessed in terms of need ( e.g. health & well being, age, infants and young children, how long people have been out of their homes or living in damaged homes). So far costs and efficiencies appear to be the primary criteria (although …

Today's re-zoning announcement and the Orange zones

Details of today's White Zone announcement are on the CERA site here. Residents will need to wait until 4.00pm tomorrow before the landcheck website herewill show which properties have been reclassified as Green.

Confirmation has been received that Orange Zone properties will not be re-zoned this year, but remain a top priority. The reason for this is that the remaining Orange zones are the most complex areas to re-zone, and each faces unique geotechnical issues and potential solutions.

As well as identifying and investigating possible land remediation solutions, the Department of Building and Housing is undertaking research on design solutions for house foundations. The findings may or may not provide further options for rebuilding in these areas. The work of the DBH is not expected to be completed until February.