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Brendon Burns - Community Meeting 4th March

We had a much more positive meeting on Friday.

Brendon Burns arranged for Orion CEO Roger Sutton to talk about progress in restoring electricity. Roger Sutton had done an impressive amount of preparation to show what the issues were, and how these influenced what could be done to provide electricity to the eastern part of the city. His presentation revolved around a very long length of newsprint (courtesy of the Press newspaper) on which was drawn a very basic schematic diagram. It showed the problems Orion face between the power source available at Bromley (?) through to the New Brighton substation, from there to neighbourhoods, and finally into individual households. It gave no indication of when individual families would get permanent power but removed all the PR fuzz and gave just the essential information. In the meantime neighbourhood generators are filling some of the need.

Also invited by Brendon Burns was mayor Bob Parker. He tried to address the issues that were most importa…

Urgent Repairs done by Fletchers

Urgent repairs - Fletchers can do these for you.

The following letter is being distributed where ever possible, and Natalie Absolum has provided us with a few copies.

"Dear Home Owner

We, here at Fletcher EQR group hope you and your family are all safe and well.

If you need urgent repairs to your property to return it to a safe liveable standard please contact the Hagley/Ferrymead hub office on 341 9954 or the Fendalton/Waimairi hub office on 341 9919

Yours faithfully

The Fletcher Construction Company Limited."

Brendon Burns - Friday meeting

Brendon Burns is holding another meeting on Friday, 2.00pm at Retreat Park.

Could any outsiders reading this pass the information onto those on the inside still disconnected from phone and internet.


Keller Street, Tuesday


Brendon Burns meeting

There was an arranged meeting at Retreat Park yesterday at 2.00pm. Brendon Burns (MP) and Leanne Curtis (CanCERN) tried to pass on the most up to date information available to them, and those present tried to bring them up to date with the issues concerning them.

A few of those present were quite evidently stressed and a small minority made the meeting difficult for all, by angry and irrational comments. At the next meeting (same place, probably Friday at 2.00pm) it is hoped either police or army personnel will be nearby in case the anger gets out of hand.


Fresh water tanker

The tanker has been supplied by a private contractor Bleeker Contracting Ltd. Thank you.

It has plenty of water still. When the time comes for it to be refilled it will be taken away (Islington I think) and then returned some hours later.

For those of you on the outside, please let residents staying put know about the tanker, and to not panic if it disappears.

Progress Good News Update

Huge efforts have been made to make today "turnaround day" for residents. So much has been achieved through their time and effort.

Our grateful thanks to:

NZ Army and Territorial soldiers for shifting so much siltI Pave for doing big jobs for freeFederated Farmers families for giving us time and effortLincoln University students for doing the same.

Brendon Burns Meeting on Tuesday

On Tuesday Brendon Burns will be at Retreat Park (corner of Retreat Road and Patton Street) at 2.00pm.

Please come along if you can.

Army assisting

Soldiers have arrived in the Retreat Road area (working at the moment in the Keller and Bracken Street area) and are doing a magnificant job according to Gail, our on the spot observer.

A few photos

A picture of Holy Trinity.

Retreat Road on the day.

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Sorry it is so convoluted but I don't have the time to make it easier.


Fresh Water

Courtesy of Brendon Burns there is a water tanker outside Avonside Girls High, on Cowlishaw Street. It arrived last night and hopefully will be there for a while. It is self service with instructions on the tanker. This water NEEDS TO BE BOILED.

As we don't know how long it will be there please make as much use of it as you can, and some for neighbours too, if that is possible.

Water is heavy (20 litres  = 20 kg) and having a water supply closer is useful, especially for those without a car. Even with a bike, wheel barrow or sack barrow Phillipstown School was too far away.

Avonside Girls High School

I got a bit of a look at it yesterday afternoon. The roof off the main building is missing tiles and, when you look at the walls, there are significant cracks along most of the front of the main building.

My uneducated view is that it will probably be demolished, meaning relocation./dislocation of pupils and staff.

MP visit - Nicky Wagner

About 6.00 last night a car pulled up for a chat on Swanns road, with Nicky Wagner and two of her crew inside. They had been around our area checking out if they can help and handing out slips of paper with with useful phone numbers. As they are 0800 numbers there is no risk of running out of money on a mobile, and much better than websites for people with no power or phone. Thank you.

Talking about power, Nicky said that the 3-4 weeks wait for power may not eventuate as work was going on to put in overhead power to substations. Optimistically, maybe a week to go.

Rubbish Collection

The Council collected all the rubbish this morning.

Thank you to the folk driving the trucks.

Street Access Report

As at 7.00 this morning

If you want to get home or visit family it is possible. Otherwise it would be best to stay away. Damage is great and lots of shattered people and houses.

Where it says passable below it means that, but there are road hazards to both vehicles and people.

Dallington Bridge is open to light traffic (cars and 4wd) however Gayhurst Road is in a bad way so best to avoid it if you can.
Swanns Bridge - passable but the approach to both ends is hazardous

Note: beware of holes in the road - some are deceptive as there is just a light crust of seal over a much bigger hole.

Acland Ave - best on foot
Avonside Drive between the the two ends of Retreat Road - passable but hazardous.
Bracken Street, accessable but closed at Avonside Drive end.
Cowlishaw Street, accessible from the west end ( best via Avondside from Woodham Road.)
Galbraith is just possible
Maling Street - passable
Morris Street - passable
Retreat Road is accessible from  the east end and blocked at the west end …