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CERA - Draft Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch

More for those outside of Canterbury and New Zealand, as it is widely publicised locally: CERA have today released the Draft Recovery Strategy for greater Christchurch. The announcement ishere.

Information about the Draft Strategy, where to find it, how to register, and how to comment are on the Draft Strategy pagehere. Public consultation runs until the 30th of October.

Those living locally will get a summary of the Draft Strategy and a comment form delivered to their letter boxes from the 17th of September.

Earthquake Royal Commission - The Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Swarm

From the Royal Commission's website:
The Commission sought the advice of Associate Professor Jason Ingham from Auckland University and Professor Michael Griffith from Adelaide University on the Performance of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in the 2010-2011 Canterbury Earthquake Swarm. Unreinforced masonry is defined as a construction of clay brick, concrete blocks or natural stone units bound together using lime or cement mortar, without any reinforcing elements such as steel reinforcing bars.The report discusses the architectural characteristics and seismic vulnerability of unreinforced masonry buildings in New Zealand, makes observations about the performance of such buildings in the Canterbury earthquakes and available techniques for seismic upgrading. Section 7 recommends certain structural elements of all unreinforced masonry buildings be improved to meet the standard for new buildings and that other elements be improved to meet at least 67% of the standard requir…

Department of Labour - Employer and Employee earthquake information updated.

The Department of Labour has updated it's earthquake information for Christchurch businesses in light of what was learnt from the February 22nd earthquake. A wide range of information is covered in a question and answer format (here). The general categories and questions are listed below.

In addition the page contains links to Factsheets, FAQs and other government departments where the information is covered in more detail.

Over-arching advice - health and safety
A basic checklist of things you should consider before you open your workplace doorIf you don’t have the expertise to check critical factors (listed on the website) get an expert in to assist youRecognise that the RIGHT DECISION is the SAFE DECISIONMake yourself aware of any requirements of the authorities (Police, Civil Defence, regional and local authorities etc) and act in accordance with those requirementsAs a business owner or manager, the Health and Safety in Employment Act requires you to provide a safe workp…

CERA - geotech video on rockfalls

Another CERA video with Jan Kupec - this time on rockfalls. On YouTube here.

CanCERN Q&A with IAG & Hawkins

CanCERN and IAG, along with IAG's project manager Hawkins Construction, have discussed the processes involved for customers of IAG who are faced with over-cap repairs or a rebuild. Other insurance companies that come under the IAG banner are: Lantern, NZI, and State.

The result is a 7 page document on Google Docs (here) outlining the IAG/Hawkins position and responses to some questions. Topic headings in the document are:
Project Management Office Process for Making Assessments Disputes Process Insurer Customer Support - Customer Advocacy Communication between the Insurer, the PMO and the Client The Rebuild Planning Process with the PMO The Detailed Project Management Assessment (Scope of Works) Settlement OptionsThese topics are then followed by a series of questions with answers. In a few instances the answers are uncompromising, and indicate that unless exceptional conditions exist the IAG/Hawkins position cannot be challenged. It is possible that other decisions ma…