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EQC - Additional information posted on the Home Repair Programme page

EQC have added more important material to the Home Repair Programme page here.The headings for the additions are:Find out more information about the Canterbury Home Repair Programme Find out more about pre existing building issues The issue of asbestos Urgent repairs Certificate of title notificationThe last addition, notices on land titles, will have major insurance and re-sale ramifications for those who have a Section 74 notice placed on their Certificate of Title. The additions in full are below …

Southern Response - foundation repair trials

From the Southern Response website (here):Southern Response is partnering with Housing New Zealand to trial different methods of re-levelling earthquake damaged houses on TC2 and TC3 land. The trials are specifically for houses with concrete ring and concrete floor foundations. Housing New Zealand has produced two video clips - the first clip is an explanation of the project by structural and geotechnical engineers and the second clip is a demonstration of the jack and pack method of re-levelling. The website also includes a recorded presentation on foundation repairs from the CERA rebuild and recovery expo held in April 2013..

AA Insurance - progress update

AA Insurance’s progress update to July is here..

EQC, floor levels and (in)competency

Yesterday Radio New Zealand (here) ran an item where EQC was accused of:“employing unqualified surveyors to measure how level floors are - using inadequate measuring methods - and thousands of houses are being wrongly assessed.”To this EQC spokesman Bruce Emson, said:“the commission's surveys are carried out by suitably qualified quantity surveyors and comply with all building and housing guidelines.”Where does the truth lie? The two times our house was assessed, EQC used bog-standard builders to determine the state of the house. The first builder didn’t know how to use the laser level he had brought with him, and it took him nearly 30 minutes to get it operational. Once operating he measured only the easily accessed bits, despite offers to move furniture for him. This experience does not exist in isolation, so how can others know whether their property was accurately assessed by someone suitably qualified for the job?The first thing is to deal with the semantics of the EQC respon…

Radio New Zealand news - EQC assessments of damaged houses wrong

Radio New Zealand has reported this morning that:A registered surveyor in Christchurch says the Earthquake Commission is providing misleading assessments of quake-damaged houses.More information on the news item, and EQC’s one line response,  is available on the Radio New Zealand websitehere..