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CERA’s Residential Advisory Service

Yesterday the Government announced (here) the establishment of a Residential Advisory Service that will start operating next month.It is not an advocacy service, as has long been sought and occasionally promised. Rather it is: … designed to assist those who are facing complex issues, are confused over conflicting advice, or who are in disagreement with other parties.  It will work by identifying potential solutions, preventing unnecessary disputes arising, and contributing to a smooth and timely rebuild process.On paper at least the service looks as though it will be useful in a number of situations. The service will assist property owners to find the best way to address the challenges they are facing and gain a clearer understanding of their own repair and rebuild process.A range of technical experts will be available to support the service. The service’s independent advisers will be able to request direct advice and/or suggestions from these experts.Funding arrangements for the serv…

EQC Asbestos FAQ update

EQC have updated their Asbestos FAQ here..

Southern Response - FAQ on builder selection.

Southern Response have published a brief FAQ on how they nominate a builder for your rebuild or repair, and what your options are.In fact your options are quite limited, almost but not quite “take it or go away”. The FAQ is here, and reproduced below (click the link to see it).

Southern Response lose access to EQC claim information

Southern Response, and presumably all other insurers, have now lost access to EQC’s claims database. As a result Southern Response may need your help to obtain information or documentation about your claim from EQC. Your Southern Response pod will let you know if this is the case.  Seehere..

Newstalk ZB interview with EQC Truths blogger

The EQC Truths blogger was interviewed by Newstalk ZB this morning. A transcript of the interview is here..

Cabinet Paper and Minute of Decisions on the report and recommendations of the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission

From the website of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.The Government's formal response to the Canterbury Earthquakes Royal Commission, released today, sets out a large and critically important work programme for MBIE. A staged approach has to be taken because many of the recommendations require changes in the law or how professional bodies operate, and in some instances significant research. This is the first stage of the Government's response.The Cabinet Paper can be downloaded from here, and the Minute of Decisions here.

AA Insurance - progress reports

AA Insurance have created an Our Progress webpage where customers can see what progress is being made with repairs and rebuilds.The page currently shows progress up until the end of January 2013, and will be updated monthly. The page ishere..