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Cowlishaw street sewer and stormwater mains

Hydro Tech spent parts of yesterday and today working on the sewer and stormwater mains in Cowlishaw street, which should also benefit Chaddesden Lane.  They checked with a video camera and flushed them out with water from the fire hydrants.

LIM Reports and earthquake related information

Today the Council's  Answers to questions raised at recent Council community meetings webpage was updated with information about the information to be placed on LIM reports. All of that information is reproduced below. Please remember this information may change over time so check the Council website to make sure you have the most recent information.

NOTE: If you had a yellow or red card placed on your property the third section especially applies to you.
What information on earthquake land damage will be placed on the LIM report?   Council is bound to advise LIM applicants about special characteristics of the land. This includes effects of the earthquake, including liquefaction and subsidence. We have two sources of information - the Tonkin & Taylor reports, Land Information New Zealand report. We will reflect the results of these reports in the LIMs.For properties undergoing land remediation works - does this go on the LIM and if so, when will it be removed?   We b…

Community Policing

The December issue of Ten One - Community Edition, the New Zealand Police online magazine has a brief article on community policing in Christchurch, and especially Avonside. The article ishere.

Avonside Community Picnic

There is to be an Avonside Community Picnic on Sunday the 12th of December (this Sunday) at Woodham Park (access off either Woodham Road or Lionel Street). Time is from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Advertised highlights are: Mullet Man, Punk the Clown, Giant Bouncy Castle, Sausage Sizzle, Games Fun + More. 

You should have received a flyer in your letter box today (or maybe tomorrow).

MPs and Hagley/Ferrymead Councillors and Community Board members have been invited to come and help but a few volunteers are needed to help with whatever needs doing on the day.

Enquiries to

Police support for quake-hit suburbs

Christchurch Police have issued a news release describing efforts to provide extra support to residents in the Avonside and Dallington areas. Some extracts from the news release are reproduced below. The full press release can be foundhere.
Christchurch Police are stepping up their support for residents in quake-hit Avonside with a Police bus providing a presence in the area over the coming weeks.Christchurch Central Area Commander Derek Erasmus says a "booze bus" will be pressed into service from today [Thursday 9 December], to provide a mobile community base for Police liaison with Avonside residents."The bus will be a regular presence in the area for a couple of days each week," says Inspector Erasmus."It will give residents an opportunity to ask questions and raise any concerns, as well as providing a visible reminder that we're there to support and help the local community."Police will be delivering flyers to residents, advising when they…

Major updates to the Council's on-line information

The CCC has made significant additions to the web page Answers to questions raised at recent Council community meetings.

The two areas covered by the change are Support (mainly Red Cross and other relief grants and assistance) and Roads, wastewater systems and other infrastructure.

The Support information includes eligibility for grants, the forms to fill out, how much money is available, how many grants can be applied for, and whether insurance excess payments qualify for these grants (the short answer is no).

The Roads, wastewater systems and other infrastructure section covers a wide range of topics including a few we have discussed:
What is the Council's schedule of plans for timing for repair and restoration of infrastructure?  The programme (including timing) is being prepared now.Who fixes services / leaks in private lanes with several houses? As we pay the same rates.   Unless there is a designated Council main (water, wastewater, or stormwater) in a private lane…

New sewer line

On a personal note, many of you will have seen the fine chaps from Maxwell Plumbing digging up our drive.

We share a sewer and stormwater line with Julian and Jan. After the earthquake the line struggled along for some weeks but gave up shortly after Gail and I returned home. It turns out it had been shattered in a number of places (old clay pipes) and the lateral from the sewer main to our sewer line was also damaged. Julian was able to get things organised with Maxwells and by tomorrow night we should all be re-enthroned, as it were. Then it will be good-bye to the porta-loos.

Some progress photographs:

Flood protection on the Avon

The CCC updated some City Planning Issues information on the 6th of December on the webpage Answers to questions raised at recent Council community meetings referred to in earlier posts.

The bit on flood protection reads as follows:
Inspections and surveys conducted since the earthquake confirm that there are no significant post-earthquake differences in the benchmark levels around the city. This means that the land has not generally risen or fallen with respect to the sea, although there have been minor rises or falls in particular areas.The lower Avon River has more than adequate capacity to handle a major land-based storm. Flooding risks in the earthquake-affected lower Avon River are mostly related to exceptionally high tide levels which can occur as spring tides and/or storm surges. In general the earthquake has not affected the flood protection status of the river, and the risk of stopbanks overtopping is no greater than pre-earthquake. The stopbanks are strong enough …

The effect of the Canterbury earthquake on the property market

QV (Quotable Value) have released information on property values in Canterbury for a period that predates the earthquake and two months afterwards. The summary of their report is reproduced below. The whole of their report can be found here.
A relatively small percentage of properties in Waimakariri District, Christchurch City, and Selwyn District have been badly affected by land damage and will require significant re building work. Following some initial disruption, the remainder of properties are beginning to sell again, although the process is taking longer than usual.In the month of the earthquake the number of sales dropped by 37% compared to pre-earthquake levels, but activity is continuing to pick up in subsequent months.Property values were gradually declining in the months up to the earthquake. Following the earthquake this downward trend reversed with values in Christchurch City and Waimakariri District in October 3.2% higher than this previous trend. Local QV Valuers…

Council information for spa and pool owners

The following are extracts from a CCC media release from the 6th of December:
The Christchurch City Council is stepping up its pool safety campaign in the wake of the 4 September earthquake In addition to ensuring regular pool safety measures are in place, the Council is now also seeking to identify and inspect all earthquake-damaged pools in the city to make sure they are safe.All swimming pool owners are being contacted directly by letter, and two inspectors will be working to inspect all damaged  pools in the city.What the Council needs to know about pools following the earthquake
Is the pool still intact and operational?Has the pool or pool fencing suffered damage?Is the pool area safe – barricaded off/temporary fencing/empty?Residents are also urged to advise Council if
their pool is empty and will remain so.their pool has suffered extensive damage and is no longer useablethey no longer have a pool.The full press release ishere.

Earthquake Rates Relief - CCC double dipping? Part 4

Earlier I mentioned that the Council had stated the end result of the rates relief policy was that residents who had to leave their houses would have the additional rating costs included in the emergency accommodation provided by insurance companies. As there were no specifics about this, and our insurance policy seemed to exclude ordinary expenses, I asked the council about the basis for the statement.

A few days ago an e-mail arrived from the CCC explaining the basis of the statement that residents would not pay twice for rates:
" ...has passed your request for further information on to me for response.  The information that you refer to, in paragraph 32 of the report to Council on earthquake related rates relief dated 17 November, was based on discussions between Council staff and claims managers for three of the largest insurers in the Christchurch market - IAG (owner of State and NZI), Vero and Lumley.  The information provided by insurance company representatives was verifi…

EQC on your Christmas card list?

How do you feel about adding EQC to your Christmas card list?

While we are experiencing frustration, disillusionment, anger or despair with the post-earthquake process there is a high risk of forgetting that those trying to make things right are human beings just like us.

I personally would find it a thankless task, working for EQC, and try to be grateful for those who have been prepared to do it.

So how about sending a Christmas card of peace and goodwill to EQC staff? The cost is low and it might help someone who is also stressed, maybe wondering why should they bother, and will be giving up their Christmas break to try and make a difference.

The only postal address I can find is:

The Staff of EQC
P O Box 311