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Information for AMI policy holders

AMI have released an earthquake information update, setting out what is happening in each of the zones, along with more detailed information for those in the Red Zone.

The information is in PDF form, and can be downloaded fromhere.

Some questions for insurance companies

As a residents' group we have tried to assess the issues we face with our respective insurance companies, and what might arise as we go through either the repair or rebuild process. Looking at the experiences of others, especially in Kaiapoi, it is clear that we cannot expect the process to be easy.

To canvas the likely issues there has been an e-mail survey and an ongoing exchange of views. The following list of questions and issues covers most of what has arisen. The list has been sent to those who might be able to work with insurance companies to produce answers, and is blogged here just in case it can help other groups or individuals. It is not a complete list but enough to get started with.

Those going down the EQC and Fletchers/EQR may also find some of the questions useful.

The list is lengthy so only the first part is visible. Click on the link at the end of the text below to read the rest. As usual: please let me know of any errors, omissions or confusion.

Some …

CERA - recovery consultation using your computer

CERA is keen to have as many people as possible involved in the recovery consultation process. The meetings have been mentioned previously.

Those who have difficulty getting around the city in the evenings, or getting time off on weekends, can use CERA's website to make a submission online, or download a form to fill out and post back to them.

Online submissions can be madehere, and the submission form can be downloaded here. The main Recovery Strategy page ishere.

Earthquakes for kids.

Not sure how I managed to miss this earlier - the United States Geological Survey (USGS) has a series of web pages dedicated to explaining earthquakes to kids. One page (here), has interesting little animations to demonstrate what is happening in different types of earthquakes. There are also resources for teachers.

Although aimed at kids it is pretty good stuff for adults too. The main page of the website ishere.

CERA - Seeking community ideas for recovery

CERA is about to start a series of community meetings to get ideas from sector groups and communities. The intentions, in the words of Roger Sutton:
This month we’re going to be asking the community for your ideas to help shape the recovery strategy that will provide a comprehensive road map for greater Christchurch. CERA’s role is to lead and coordinate the recovery effort from September and February’s earthquakes, and at the moment we’re developing a draft recovery strategy that underpins that work.From Thursday, eight community workshops will be held where we’ll be asking for input across a range of areas affecting your lives and communities.We’ve identified five key areas for the recovery strategy:
    Community wellbeing (housing, employment, education and health)
    Economy (investment, business and the labour market)
    Culture and heritage (arts, taonga, recreation, sport and heritage values)
    Built environment (features of the environment built by people)

Infrastructure rebuild - whats happening where?

The Council have set up a web page with a map of the city. Click on a neighbourhood and a page will open showing what works are underway, or going to happen soon, in that area.

Clicking on Avonside we get:
7 Jul 2011 Birchfield Ave - Gayhurst Road - Avonside Drive - Sewer Main Replacement3 Jul 2011 Fitzgerald Avenue - Avonside - Bridge Repair1 Jul 2011 Avonside Drive - repair work on sewer main28 Jun 2011 Avonside Drive - repair work on sewer main20 Jun 2011 Avonside Drive - Sewer manhole repair work.Click on any of the entries and full information and a map come up. Providing it is kept up to date this is a pretty neat idea.

The web page ishere.

Residential Red Zones - Lianne Dalziel's newsletter

Lianne Dalziel, Labour electorate MP for Christchurch East, issues occasional newsletters on electorate and earthquake matters. The latest issue (No. 17) takes a very detailed look at issues arising from the government's payout package.

The topics covered in the newsletter are:
Preserving Equity (including negative equity)EQC Cover for LandWhichever is the leastGreen Zone Bordering on the Red Zone TimelinesBoundaries between Zones (raises some extremely good points)You can find a copy of the newsletter here. Lianne doesn't have a website however she has a page on the Labour Party websitehere.

EQC - interactive maps of earthquake information.

EQC have published interactive maps on-line that allow users to check out city and suburb level information on damage to contents, properties and land. Individual streets are identifiable but the map does not zoom in to allow a particular street, or group of streets to be analysed.

Some of the definitions are unclear e.g. what is the difference between severe and moderate levels of liquefaction? All of Retreat Road is shown as moderate liquefaction while the western end of Robson Ave is shown as having experienced severe liquefaction. That doesn't accord with my recollection.

Perhaps the most interesting map is that which shows land displacement after the February 22 earthquake. According to that, our whole suburb, along with large parts of the city, has sunk 30cm (a fraction under 12 inches).

The on-line maps are a good introductory overview of what happened but provide no hard information. They are not a substitute for substantive printed reports of maps, descriptions …