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Monday, 16 January 2012

Fletchers/EQR and repair issues

In the Letters section of today's Press Wendy Gilchrist, a member of the CERA Community Forum, draws attention to problems with the way in which Fletcher's is carrying out it's repair responsibilities.

Headed Fletchers worrying us, comment is made on the shoddy work reported in the Press on the 11th of January. In addition she raises the issues of Fletchers managing repairs over the cap rather than passing them on to insurance companies, and their refusal to allow the installation of extra insulation during repairs.

None of this is new, and there have been numerous complaints of sub-standard work as well as complaints of "standover tactics" from contractors (Press, 23rd August 2011). What is new is the level at which these problems are being discussed.

The Community Forum is a body of people appointed by Gerry Brownlee to provide him with information and advice on earthquake matters.  So, when Wendy Gilchrist says "The Forum is expecting a response to these concerns." it may signal that finally there will be proper accountability.
Information about the Community Forum is available on the CERA web site here.

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