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Village people - a report from Linwood Park Temporary Earthquake Village

David Haywood and his family, formerly of Avonside Drive, have moved into temporary accommodation while their lovely old Edwardian villa is relocated and repaired in Dunsandel. For them the temporary location is the government housing at Linwood Park.

You can read his account of them arriving arriving and settling in on his blog here. David has a great blog so you run the risk of spending plenty of time reading it.

Release of cabinet papers

CERA have released more cabinet papers covering:
Cabinet decisions made in July 2011Further Cabinet decisions made in September 2011Land zoning decisions made in November 2011Land zoning decisions made in December 2011Land zoning decisions made in February 2012They can all be foundhere.

Inside information on EQC's practices

Today's Press has an opinion piece by builder Gideon Cooper, who worked as an estimator for EQC. Now, back working as a builder, he has put some of his experiences in writing.

The following is quoted from part of the story about iPads:
But when it came to damage, that was a different story.The iPad was an excellent data-collection tool but a poor tool for scoping a repair strategy. I don't think it would have mattered how much training was given simply because the iPad gave you limited options and this would lead to ridiculous repair strategies being given.Not only that, it was impossible to suggest that a structural engineer needed to look at a house unless it had basically fallen over.What this means for homeowners is that many assessments have been done by under-qualified, under-trained, well-meaning people on a poor performing tool and the result is reflected in the scope of works that both homeowners and Fletcher get. You can read the articlehere, to have many of …

CERA video - property demolitions in the residential Red Zone

CERA have produced a video featuring Warwick Isaacs and Brenden Winder discussing commonly asked questions regarding the residential red zone property clearances.

I wonder who decided on the term "clearances"? For Scots it has very sinister overtones.

The video is on YouTubehere.

Free financial advice for Canterbury red zone residents

The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (formally the Retirement Commission) today launched a free financial advice service for Red Zone residents.

As part of the service it is possible to book a free consultation with a professional financial adviser via a CERA hub.
CERA Earthquake Assistance Centre: Corner Breezes and Wainoni Roads, Avondale - 0800 7464 2372.Kaiapoi Earthquake Hub: 11 Cass Street, Darnley Square, Kaiapoi - 0800 639 000.Also available are booklets from the sorted website here. The website of the Financial Literacy Commission is here.
The following is the Commission's media release: Financial Advice for Canterbury residential red zone property owners Background The Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income (the Commission) has been funded by the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal Trust to develop tailored information and resources for Canterbury red zone residential property owners to help them with their financial decisions aro…