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Land zoning review process

Gerry Brownlee yesterday announced the process for those on the flat who wish to appeal their land zoning. The main part of the announcement is reproduced at the bottom of this post. The full statement ishere.

Be aware that you have only until the end of the month to lodge your appeal. It appears appeals must be lodged via the on-line formhere. If you have a friend or neighbour without access to a computer please help them.

The review process

Basically the review process allows a property owner to appeal against the decision to designate their land as Red or Green. It does not allow a property owner to appeal their "shade of green" (green/blue, green/yellow, or green/grey).

The fundamentals of the process are:
were the red/green criteria set out by Cabinet properly applied? were the boundary lines sensibly drawn?  Cabinet's decision on these two points is contained in Cabinet Minute (11) 24/15 (copy here), and was slightly modified by CAB Min (11) 30/18 (copy h…

CERA - Greater Christchurch Recovery Update

CERA yesterday published the Greater Christchurch Recovery Update, an 8 page newsletter. There is a little bit about the proposal for an Avon River Park, an update on drainage at Halswell, and the rolling out of Fibre Broadband from next month (Halswell and Aidanfield first, followed by Bishopdale/Papanui).

Other articles include:
The recovery strategyChristchurch Central Development UnitProposed Avon River ParkPlaces, spaces and connectionsSCIRT updateECAN updateEQC drillingTop 10 tips to keep warmShake, rattle and recordCouncils update You can download a copy from here. Those interested in Fibre Broadband can find Enable here.

Advice for Canterbury building owners: multi unit residential buildings

The Department of Building and Housing (DBH) have released a document for owners of multi unit residential buildings (here).

The purpose of the document: Advice for Canterbury building owners: Assessing the seismic performance of non-residential and multi unit residential buildings in greater Christchurch is to assist building owners in considering the structural integrity of their buildings, and how the building will be used and repaired in the future.

From the DBH website:
Advice for building owners Building owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their buildings. Building owners are encouraged to engage Chartered Professional Engineers (structural) to carry out Detailed Engineering Evaluations on their buildings. This will assist building owners to make informed decisions about the ongoing use and occupation of their buildings. There is also a publication for engineers:
Guidance for engineers Engineers should only provide recommendations about the continued use…

ANSVAR insurance update

Ansvar Insurance, now ACS (NZ) Limited, has put a brief statement on their website concerning the decision reached at the meeting of creditors to consider a Scheme of Arrangement. The statement reads:
ACS (NZ) Limited creditors have voted in support of the company establishing a contingent Scheme of Arrangement. At a meeting in Christchurch on Tuesday 12 June 2012, ACS received the required support to establish the Scheme both by number of people voting and by value of the claims they represented. Click here to download a signed copy of the declaration on the resolution and the appointment of an Initial Creditors’ Committee. An application for sanctioning of the Scheme will take place in the High Court in Auckland on Tuesday 19 June. Information about the scheme, including the Reserve Bank's analysis of it, can be downloaded from the website here.

TC3 drilling update from EQC

EQC have put a TC3 drilling and location update on their website.

The drilling plan (here) gives a suburb-by-suburb list for TC3 geotechnical investigations and describes the drilling process.