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Video on how TC3 foundation decisions will be made for Southern Response customers

Southern Response have prepared a video for TC3 customers to hear and see how foundation decisions will be made. Nothing much happens for the first 1 minute 30 seconds then it starts to address the process used. At 3 minutes 45 seconds there is discussion on five case study properties to demonstrate how assessments and decisions are made. The video is here.

Miami Herald on recovery in Christchurch

Wednesday’s edition of the Miami Herald has an interesting article on the slow pace of recovery in Christchurch, the extent of the struggle people face from bureaucracies, and especially the bottleneck caused by insurance companies.  The article also looks at the paradox of how recovery can be slow in rich countries and fast in poorer ones. The article is here..

CERA–initial wellbeing survey results released

The CERA wellbeing survey was carried out in two parts. The first involved direct surveying of a randomly selected group (using electoral rolls) throughout Christchurch, Selwyn, and Waimakariri districts. It is the results of this first part which were released today.  The CERA media release ishere, along with a link to the survey results plus an introduction.

The second survey was web based, and anyone who wished to could go to the website and take part. Results for that survey will be released later.

As with the EQC customer satisfaction survey results blogged yesterday (here), the way in which the wellbeing survey was conducted means it is not possible to associate responses with locations. This also means there is no way of knowing if the various areas most affected by the earthquakes (Red Zones, TC3 land and the hills) have been accurately represented in the survey sample. As the response rate was just 52% it is quite possible that a large part of the earthquake affected populati…

Southern Response - new FAQs

Southern Response have added FAQs  on the following topics (click on the topic to go to the page):House Claims Overview FAQsHouse Claims Over Cap FAQsHouse Claims Out of Scope FAQsTemporary Accommodation FAQsLoss of Rent FAQs.

EQC customer satisfaction survey results

From the EQC website:UMR Research has been commissioned by EQC to undertake a regular survey to determine the level of customer satisfaction with EQC’s claim handling process.  The telephone survey targets claimants who had their claim settled in the previous month. (Claimants have the option to opt out of the sample.) The analysis is undertaken at quarterly intervals.Quarterly claimant satisfaction reports (quite lengthy) for the periods between April 2011 and September 2012 can be downloaded from here.  Each report covers a wide range of areas where performance was measured and assigns values to the quality of performance. A check of the reports indicates the survey did not identify the respondent’s location, and so the results for earthquake claims were not broken down by claimant context. The consequence is the responses from those in the Red Zones, or TC3 areas, or the hills, are not separated out from those where damage was less severe or did not involve land problems. We don’t …

Southern Response - update on temporary accommodation issues