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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Putting stuff up from the floor

Like many others we have adopted a lateral free-range filing system over the floor in the living room and garage. While that is my preferred natural state, at some time much of it will need to go back to the shelves. Chances are there will be a big wobble shortly after and it will end up on the floor again.

Gail has found a company SRNZ (Seismic Restraints NZ) that sells bits and pieces for keeping stuff in place during a shake. Some of the items look pretty useful, and in later times when excesses have gone sky-high may save a lot of hassle and money.

Their website is here and they have a catalogue and price list on-line.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Remembering Avonside - a year on

Christchurch and Hanmer professional photographer Tony Bridge recently visited Avonside to see and photograph what remains. He has written about it on his website here

Along with Tony's reflections are those of an anonymous person who has also photographed the area, this time from the perspective of a long term resident who grew up in the area. Despite it being a photography website there is only one image. The text tells the story better.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fun day at Holy Trinity reminder

A reminder that Holy Trinity Avonside is organising a fun day for this Sunday, March the 18th. Running from 2-4 pm everything is free and aimed at being just fun. Check out the flyer below.


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Avonside Red Zone workshops

Those in Avonside who own property Red zoned last month should have received a letter from CERA advising that Red Zone workshops are to be held at the end of this month. If you don't have your letter by tomorrow's post ring CERA (see number below) to check if they have the correct postal address for you.

There will be two identical workshops and you can elect to go to one. They are being held on:
Wednesday 28 March 1.30 to 3.30
Wainoni Methodist Church
878 Avonside Drive, Wainoni
Thursday 29 March 7.00 to 9.00
The staff room, Avonside Girls High School
best access is off Cowlishaw Street, through the main gates. The staff room is the second building on your left.
Registration is essential if you want to attend. To register call CERA on 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372) between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Australian insurance companies not giving claimants a fair go has compared the performance of Australian insurance companies over the last two years to find that the same fundamental systemic failings occurred each year. The fundamental failings are exactly those plaguing insurance customers in Canterbury.

Whether EQC or private insurer, the problems here seem to be the same as in Australia, and equally persistent. In both countries too much reliance on industry self-regulation seems to allow some insurers a comfortable environment in which to behave badly with no risk of being required to improve their performance.

The following is an extract from the website (here).
When comparing the data from the latest Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) General Insurance Code of Practice Overview with that of the previous year, a pattern emerges of systemic failings in some of the fundamental tenets of the code.
Of the four sections of the code that FOS reported as having the highest number of breaches in 2010/11, three of these sections were also among the most frequently breached in 2009/10.
The sections that appear to be causing insurers the most trouble in complying with are:
  • Section 3.4.1: The undertaking to “conduct claims-handling in a fair, transparent and timely manner”;
  • Section 3.6.1: The undertaking that “our employees and our service-providers will conduct their services in an honest, efficient, fair and transparent manner” when dealing with claims; and
  • Section 6.1.1: The undertaking to “conduct complaints-handling in a fair, transparent and timely manner”.
It’s difficult to ignore the common theme of these reports. They indicate that above all else, insurance companies are finding it difficult to resolve claims and complaints about those claims in a way that gives the claimant a fair go.
“Fair” and “transparent” aren’t words that can be easily misinterpreted, while the issue of timeliness in handling complaints has been a major debating point between the industry and the Federal Government over the past year. The discovery of a fallback point for insurers in the event of a major catastrophe was not well received.
FOS says in its report that the overwhelming cause of the breaches in 2010/11, at 49%, was a failure by staff to adhere to processes. In other words, many member companies are simply not following – or are not able to follow – the guidelines in place.
The recent updates to the code announced by the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) should go some way to addressing these recurring black spots, which are hardly new and should have been upgraded years ago. Consumer demand is continually evolving; the code is not.

Monday, 12 March 2012

AGM tonight

Our AGM is tonight, 7.00pm in the staffroom at AGHS.