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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Saving plants in the Red zones

Tania Boerlage, who lives at Cust, is a plant lover setting up a group to save plants from abandoned properties.

The following is from an e-mail from Tania:
My name is Tania and I live near Cust, (north west of Christchurch).
I am a plant lover and having travelled around Christchurch, I have seen lots of properties where people have left their homes and their plants behind. The plants are now getting strangled by grasses and weeds.
I am slowly setting up a group to save the younger plants from properties in the red zone.
If you care for your plants but can't take them with you and would like some of them saved then please can you call me (if you are OK with me taking some of the younger ones) to re-home them with young couples and others families who are starting again?
My phone number is:
03 3125627 or 0278205151

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