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Red Cross - Hurricane Sandy appeal

The New Zealand Red Cross is appealing for donations to help those throughout the Caribbean, United States and Canada who have been affected by the hurricane and need relief and recovery assistance.Click here for the Red Cross site..

N Z Red Cross - helping young people get through stress

From the NZ Red Cross website (here):New Zealand Red Cross has identified a gap with regard to young people affected by the Canterbury earthquakes and their access to trauma recovery resources.  In response we have joined forces with Youthline and some of New Zealand's top musicians, athletes and TV personalities to create an online community with advice and support for youth experiencing hard times.You can find out more about this on-line community at the Address the Stress website here.

Fletcher/EQR – identifying their staff

To help avoid confusion, and protect residents from people pretending to be Fletcher/EQR contractors, Fletcher’s have put the following information on their website (here):We have had recent reports that homeowners and other occupants are being telephoned by people falsely representing themselves as accredited contractors, with the apparent purpose of creating opportunities for burglary.  We would like to ensure that you know what to expect when we get in touch with you about your repairs. If you receive an approach that doesn’t stack up, you should treat it with suspicion. This is what happens when we contact you for the first time ... You will be contacted by a Fletcher EQR staff member based in one of our Hubs. The first contact will not be from a contractor. The scoping visit – when we visit you to review the damage to your home and prepare a Scope of Works – always involves a Fletcher EQR staff member (one of our contract supervisors). It will also involve a contractor representa…