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CERA website - what do you think of it?

CERA are surveying users of their website to see what they think of it. If you want to have a say, the survey starts here.There are lots of questions covering technical categories, demolition updates, the residential Red Zone offer,  insurance information, land zone information, support and assistance, Recovery Strategy, Anchor Projects, investment in Christchurch, central city progress, plus some questions on the quality of the information found.You can answer as few, or as many, of the questions as you want..

EQC Truths and the Court injunction

Media law specialist Steven Price (Media Law Journal blogger) has written an article on the decision to grant EQC an interim injunction against those having copies of the EQC spread sheet.His commentary includes observations on areas the judge might have considered but didn’t: “But I am shocked that the court has failed to address basic aspects of the law.” This failure includes the relatively low threshold used to decide EQC had a case, absence of any consideration of the issue of public interest,  or the blogger’s rights under the Bill of Rights. These things are more articulately, delicately and knowledgably put on Steven Price’s blog here. A link to a copy of the judgement can be found in the article.An aspect not covered in his commentary is, to my mind, a sinister aspect of the judgement. At [24] (1) of the judgement (at the end) it is ordered that the blogger file and serve an affidavit as to whether she or he “has or has had in his or her possession any information obtained di…

CERA - Community issues and questions update

CERA have again updated their page on community issues and questions. They will shortly be available in PDF form.The information on the page (here) is now:1. What kind of information am I entitled to receive about my property?2. Once payment has been determined when can I expect to receive it?
3. Residential Rebuild PlansPlease provide links for your residential build / progress / reinstatement strategy plan. Please include the TC1,2,3 and rural areas and the start and expected end timelines as well as information on the communication homeowners can expect about their place in the queue and when they can expect it. Please include any other important information about places in the queue i.e. – vulnerabilities, change of circumstances.4. Land RemediationAccepting that the majority of land settlements will be cash settlements:If land has to be remediated prior to reinstatement of a house commencing, please answer the following:Whose responsibility is it to decide on the methodology of re…

More on the EQC big spread sheet saga

Blogger EQC Truths has responded to the High Court injunction that stops him releasing information from the spread sheet to the  individuals concerned.His views are here..

Red Zone court decision–the view of the Insurance Council

The Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ) issued a media release (dated 5 April) on the interim court decision concerning the Red Zoned Dallington couple. The ICNZ’s view ishere, and reproduced below.There is an error of fact in the ICNZ release, perhaps an accident, a misreading, or an attempt to confuse or mislead.  The fourth paragraph of the ICNZ release states:The Court also noted that the offer to buy houses in the Red Zone at the 2007 valuation had not been shown to be less than the market value at the time of the earthquakes.The Court made no such blanket statement. What the judge said related specifically to the property in question. This is from para (b) of the Summary of Findings in the Interim Decision (emphasis added).In any event, no economic loss to the house was proved to arise from the creation of the red zone, given that the creation was accompanied by a CERA offer to buy the house at the 2007 valuation, which has not been shown to be less than the market value at …

Statistics for the uptake of Crown offers for Red Zone land

CERA have published information on how many people accepted Crown offers for their land (or land and house). The details are here, along with links to two maps showing the percentage of take-up in each of the Red Zones where offers expired on Tuesday..

Getting access to the big EQC spread sheet

Remember the spread sheet that was accidently e-mailed out from EQC? Another copy was apparently leaked by an EQC staffer and sent to the blogger known as EQCTruths.Courtesy of EQCTruths and his/her legal advisers you can now obtain access to your entry on the spread sheet. Read all about it here.Thank you to the EQC employee who made this available. A brave and decent thing to do.