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EQC - Update to the Canterbury FAQs page for multi-unit buildings

EQC have updated their Canterbury FAQs pagehere. The information that has been added is:Multi-Unit Buildings Why do I have to consult with or agree with my neighbour over the repair strategy?Can I see my scope of works?My unit has only minor cosmetic damage, why can't it be repaired now? Or my neighbour has been repaired, is with Fletcher EQR, or has been cash settled. Why haven't I?Can we learn from how they handle cross-lease titles in other countries?Does being part of a multi-unit building affect my land claim?

AA Insurance progress update

AA Insurance have posted their progress figures for the period to 20 May here..

CERA – Community Issues and Questions update

CERA have updated their Community Issues and Questions web page (here). The following questions and their associated answers have been added:Land with increased risk to flooding.What is the timeline for the business decision to be made in regards to flood risk land? Is there a chance this land will be deemed unsuitable or too expensive to build on? Why can't the homes be assessed prior to the decision so when the decision is made homeowners know whether they are a Fletchers managed repair or with their insurance company? Then, if they are with insurance they will be further into the process than if no assessment had been done.How do we get a report once the Land remediation team has assessed our land?At the moment most communities have to go through the CCC to get access every time they want to use the community facility - hall. Can the CCC negotiate for there to be local key holders who are most likely to use the facility on a very regular basis?Does land in the FMA which has dr…

Canterbury recovery insurance report

The Insurance Council of New Zealand have released the latest statistics on apportionment decisions, assessments, money spent and claims being processed. Click the link for the report.

Red Zone deadline update

CERA have issued a media release (here) announcing the grounds on which a deadline extension may be granted for those  stuck in the Red Zone on flat land. In part the media release states:“We have already been in contact with the majority of these people for a long time, so we have been aware of their concerns. However the workshops just gave us a chance to get more information about their situations, as no two cases are the same.” Mr Sutton says cases for an extension will only be considered on strict criteria. That includes whether obstacles a property owner may have in settling are beyond their control, their particular health or age-related vulnerabilities, and the impact an extension may have on activities such as property clearances and infrastructure services.Letters are being sent to affected Red Zone property owners to explain the case by case extensions, and information can be accessed on the CERA website (here).Requests for extensions need to sent to CERA as follows:Settlem…