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Can I keep my house or some items from it? - Southern Response FAQ

Southern Response have added a new FAQ to their lengthening list of FAQs. The latest FAQ,  Can I keep my house or items from it? (here),  covers the issues involved in ownership of material and items from a property that is beyond economic repair and is to be demolished. It is a complicated situation, and may involve significant costs to determine the value of materials and items you want to remove.The following is from the FAQ:Published 18 January 2013 If your house is assessed as being beyond economic repair and you have replacement insurance cover, we will fully compensate you for the loss of the house - by making a cash settlement payment or rebuilding the house as provided by your specific policy. Our obligation to you is to compensate you for the loss of your house.  Our obligation to our reinsurers (and the government) is to offset our claim costs where we are able to and this is traditionally done through salvage. As part of our settlement we may exercise our right to remove a…

Southern Response – additional temporary accommodation information

Southern Response have further changed their temporary accommodation information to add more detail on how removal costs are agreed and paid for those with Premier or Market Value policies (here).The earlier post on this topic is here..

EQC treatment of asbestos meets legislative requirements

EQC today updated their asbestos FAQ with the following:MBIE (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) were given the opportunity to provide feedback on the EQC/EQR asbestos management strategy. They are satisfied it meets legislative requirements.The FAQ page is here.

Southern Response - temporary accommodation information

Southern Response have added more information to their website on accommodation allowances (here). The changes are to the section headed “What temporary accommodation costs will Southern Response pay?”
The whole of that section is reproduced below with the new material (as best as I can identify it) highlighted in yellow.
What temporary accommodation costs will Southern Response pay?Published 14 January 2013

Southern Response will pay for reasonable accommodation costs for you and your immediate family residing with you. This allowance also covers kennel or cattery fees for your domestic pets. (Please note that your entitlement depends on the type(s) of policy(ies) you held when the earthquake(s) took place.) If you have an Advanced Contents Cover policy Southern Response will pay up to a maximum of $2000 for reasonable storage costs at a storage facility approved by Southern Response. We will continue your insurance cover while your household contents are at the approved storage facil…