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EQC - Apportionment model under development

According to the Australian website EQC and insurers are working together to develop an apportionment model.

From the article (here), dated 25 June 2012:
New Zealand’s Earthquake Commission (EQC) and insurers are working on a modelling system that will enable them to apportion costs between the Canterbury earthquakes and speed up claims resolution. The reinsurers who are covering around 90% of private insurers’ costs from the Canterbury earthquakes will have to approve the proposal. Insurance Council of New Zealand CEO Chris Ryan says insurers and the EQC have analysts working through data from the events to try to apportion costs, and once they have a model they will put it to reinsurers. “Reinsurers have to be comfortable with the solution,” he said. “If not, it won’t be able to be done.” The industry has been able to work on the modelling approach following last year’s NZ High Court ruling that decided how liability per event applied to the EQC and pr…

EQC - independent mediation scheme

EQC have announced an independent mediation scheme. It is independent because the scheme will use qualified members of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand (AMINZ).

The scheme starts operating in August. At this stage there is no indication on the number of mediators available, how long the process will take, or any conditions attached to the process. Also not mentioned is whether there will be a prioritising of hearings to ensure those with the greatest need, or under significant time constraints, are dealt with promptly.

From the AMINZ website

The use of the word may on the AMINZ website suggests the scheme will not be available to everyone:
The mediation scheme will be administered by AMINZ. It may be offered to customers dissatisfied with EQCs complaints procedures where there is a good prospect mediation will result in a solution. If it is to be "offered", how will claimants indicate they would like to receive the offer? Who will decide th…

EQC - TC3 drilling plan update

EQC have updated their drilling plan page. There is a series of suburb by suburb drilling programmes that show the anticipated start and end months. So, if you live in Avonside TC3, you can expect drilling to start in August this year and finish sometime in December this year.

There is also information about the steps in the testing programme and how this feeds into the repair process.

As often happens timetables can be affected by circumstances so there may be changes which push the schedule further out. It is commendable of EQC to make the information available. The drilling page is here.

Assessing Gib board and lath and plaster wall and ceiling damage

Winstone Wallboards have produced a very easy to use piece of software called the GIB® Wall and Ceiling Repair Tool. The software is free (28MB download) and doesn't need to be installed. Just click to run it.

It was designed to assist with assessing earthquake damage and shows users the type of damage that may have occurred then lists repair strategies to be used. As it has been developed by the product manufacturer it can be considered both well informed and a "best practice" guide. Ideal to check against your Fletcher/EQR or insurance company's repair intentions.

It is simple to use and has options for:
Plasterboard WallsPlasterboard CeilingsLath and Plaster There are three options on the main page. Taking walls as an example, click on the Plasterboard Walls tab and a drawing appears showing where damage occurs in a room: in corners, around windows and doors, and with nails and screws. Click on the number next to the problem area and a page pops up with …

Fletcher/EQR - complaint and compliment feedback page

Fletcher/EQR have a page for those wishing to provide feedback. The page is here.

Information about their complaints procedure ishere, and a copy of the customer complaints policy can be downloaded from the same page.


Land zoning review process - Part 3

The zoning review process has major flaws - the absence of due process and transparency.Neither Minister Brownlee nor Roger Sutton have thought to mention that so far all detailed zoning information has been withheld. Since last year the Government has refused to make geotechnical information available until all zoning was completed. Is it just a coincidence that the hurriedly introduced review application process closes before the geotechnical information becomes available? Either way  the Government has denied those affected the detail used for making decisions concerning their homes. It has been said that there is information in the Cabinet Papers, but they are just big picture summaries with no supporting detail at all. As a source of suitable information they are totally inadequate. So, where is the information that will allow the panel, as Roger Sutton puts it, "... to check that the original zoning is consistent with the criteria agreed by the Government, or to see if ther…

Land zoning review process - Part 2

Minister Brownlee's announcement last week of a zoning review process has been criticised for not being particularly clear about who the process is for and what is involved. Roger Sutton's weekly Chief Executive Update published today set out to clarify the situation (here).

Unfortunately both releases appear to have been written by the same team of waffley thinkers so here is a more succinct way of describing the process:
If you live on the flat part of greater Christchurch you will be in either a Red Zone or a Green Zone.If you live on the hills, you are or were white, and this process does not apply to you. Your turn comes next month with a separate process when all the white areas have been classified to a different colour.If you are Red you can appeal to be rezoned Green.If you are Green you can appeal to be rezoned Red. If you are Green you cannot appeal the technical category of your land: i.e. Green/Blue, Green/Yellow, or Green/Gray.When you appeal it can only …

Earthquake Royal Commission - CTV Building hearing

The Royal Commission today commenced it's hearing on the collapse of the CTV building.

Statements of evidence from witnesses plus reports, photographs, correspondence and background information have been placed in the Commission's document libraryhere.