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Protest rally - 12 noon on Sunday

For those outside Christchurch the significance of tomorrow (Sunday) may not be apparent.

Cantabrians Unite (website here) are organising a protest rally. The points at issue are:
A fresh mid term council electionReplace the council chief executiveAbolish council centralized structure and replace with a one city many communities modelProvide affordable land for housing and businessAffordable Rates The protest may, or may not, receive widespread or competent coverage. The local Press newspaper (here) is of variable quality while the Auckland based NZ Herald (here) is more consistent. TV coverage may be available from TVNZ (here), TV3 (here), or local channel CTV (here).

CCC - Communications audit

You may recall there have been concerns about the quality of communications within the Council, and between the Council and various agencies, groups, and communities. The Council is seeking feedback as part of it's audit of how well it has communicated.

From the council website:
A key to successful community engagement is two-way communications - opportunities for ratepayers to have a say and be heard. The Council audit of Communications that was announced at the start of 2012 is well underway and due to report back in June 2012. This month (April) we are calling for public input and are asking people to share an experience of council communication, good or not so good, and how they think the experience could have been improved. Those responses will be fed into the audit report and recommendations. If you wish to contribute a comment you can do sohere.  Submissions close on the 10th of May.

Release of Ministerial Report - March Red Zone decisions

CERA have put the Ministerial Report (Cabinet paper) for the March 2012 Red Zone announcements on their website here.

The papers cover the decisions affecting Central City South, Richmond South and Linwood.

Timing of EQC geotechnical engineering work on TC3 properties

From a very recent update to the EQC FAQ on TC3 land (the text in blue is the recent addition):
How long will EQC take to complete geotechnical engineering work on TC3 properties? At this stage, we are expecting the drilling in the eastern suburbs to be finished in the next six to nine months. Further announcements around timeframes for the remaining western and southern suburbs will be made when we have a clearer picture of the resources available. The change occurred since this section of the FAQ  was published on or about the 13th of April this year. At that stage it read: At this stage, it’s difficult to be precise, since details such as the number of drilling rigs and operators, and even the final number of TC3 properties, is still to be determined. Work will start in mid-March 2012 and we anticipate it will take 12-18 months for drilling of worst hit homes to be complete. The TC3 FAQ ishere.  .

Red Cross - disability grant

The New Zealand Red Cross have announced a new grant to provide financial support for those with disabilities.

The grant is:
"... to be used towards the increased costs incurred by individuals and families, to access additional respite or help for carers, to help individuals/families to access activities or take a short break, or to assist with things like packing and moving from quake-damaged homes. To be eligible for this grant you or the person for whom you are applying for this grant on behalf of must be registered with a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination provider in the Greater Christchurch area (which includes Christchurch, Waimakariri or Selwyn Districts), Lifelinks, CDHB Older Person’s Specialist Service or one of the CDHB funded Mental Health services. If you have a significant disability but are not registered with one of these services you must provide a letter from your doctor that provides a description of your disability." The value of the…