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Red Zone maintenance

In his weekly update released yesterday Roger Sutton covered a number of issues important to those living in the Red zones or nearby.

Extracts from the update appear below. Some of the content needs to be seen as a starting point in discussions and negotiations between CERA and various communities. Areas where this will apply include destruction of established trees of various species and sizes, habitat protection, and how risks and security issues can be dealt with promptly and before damage, loss, or harm occurs. Not mentioned below, but starting to become a widespread health issue, is the growing number rats which will need to be tackled on an area-wide basis. 

An excellent concept is contained in the last bullet point where a single phone number will become available to deal with concerns.

Demolitions in the residential red zone will start in the new year with built structures such as houses and garages removed first. Remaining fences, vegetation, driveways and paths will …

Crown entity to manage AMI's earthquake claims

The information below is from today's media release by Bill English (Finance Minister, Minister responsible for EQC). The full media release can be foundhere.
IAG's agreement to purchase AMI Insurance, announced today, will strengthen the Canterbury insurance market and reduce the Crown's liability, Finance Minister Bill English says. As part of the deal, the Crown will take over ownership of AMI Insurance’s Canterbury earthquake related claims."The part of AMI dealing with earthquake claims – along with its reinsurance for those events - will be retained as a new Crown company and will continue to manage AMI's customers' earthquake claims," Mr English says. This will ensure those claims are managed effectively and with the minimum of disruption."For earthquake affected AMI policyholders, this means their existing earthquake claims will be managed by the new Crown company, while the IAG group will manage their ongoing insurance cover. For AMI…

AMI Insurance update - takeover by IAG

AMI has been purchased by IAG. The result is the Crown (government) through a Crown owned company will take over settling AMI's earthquake claims using AMI and government money.

The new AMI insurance company will be owned by IAG and carry on business as normal, with the exception of the earthquake claims. IAG today issued a commitment to AMI customers which can be foundhere.

AMI have a questions and answers pagehere to explain how policy holders will be affected. Some choice bits:
Does my AMI Insurance policy still offer the same protection?
Yes it does. Your current policies are exactly as before with the same renewal dates.On what date will these changes become effective?
The changes are expected to be complete early next year subject to IAG obtaining the necessary regulatory consents.Can I still take out new policies and will this new policy be with AMI or IAG?
Yes, we welcome your new business subject to current and future underwriting conditions that may be apply.  P…

Holy Trinity Avonside - Christingle Service

Holy Trinity Avonside is holding a children's service, a traditional telling of the birth of Christ, at 4.00pm Sunday the 18th (this Sunday).

All are invited to take part and children are invited to dress as angles, shepherds, animals or kings. There will be a barbecue afterwards.


Is this depression?

The Ministry of Health have a website called Depression.

Featuring John Kirwan, the website is designed to help people analyse how they feel and what they are going through, and determine if they are experiencing depression.

From the website:
Most people feel miserable now and then, often when something upsetting or stressful is happening such as a relationship break-up, or losing a job. Feeling down in response to difficult situations is pretty normal, and usually the feelings fade over time and you get on with life. But when the feelings of unhappiness are intense and persistent - and they don’t go away even when things improve - this could be depression.Those who want to can take a short on-line questionnaire and then join John Kirwan's programme. There are pages of explanations, techniques for finding a way through and a guide to staying well.
Equally important, there is information on how to help others and links to resources. 
The website ishere. .

Land stability in the inner city - Tonkin & Taylor report

The city council has released Tonkin & Taylor's interpretative report on the central city (land within the Four Avenues - Fitzgerald, Moorhouse, Deans & Harper, Bealey - but excluding Hagley Park). A copy of the report can be downloaded fromhere.

The following are from the report's executive summary:
No areas within the CBD or adjacent commercial areas were identified as having ground conditions that would preclude rebuilding on those sites, although more robust foundation design and/or ground improvement may be required. The risks of lateral spreading adjacent to some sections of the Avon River will require detailed geotechnical assessments, however, the adoption of a minimum 30m set-back required for creation of the Avon River Park will likely preclude the worst affected areas from future development.Christchurch is not unique in being located on soils susceptible to liquefaction within a seismically active region. There are a number of cities and large ur…

News from Nowhere

Good news helps raise the spirits, especially if there is an element of humour in it.

Leanne Curtis of CanCERN fame, and formerly of the Avonside Red Zone, has moved out into the middle of nowhere near Waikuku Beach. Here is her latest report of life way out there.

Our move to Waikuku Beach has been great and I know it's not always easy to hear the good news stories when you are still stuck in the thick of it but I tell it because we need to know there is a future after the Red Zone and it can be a great one. Below is a summary of the first two weeks.

We have officially moved out to the wop wops - no internet access until a port becomes available (what?) and very limited cell phone access unless you put the phone onto speaker, leave it in the perfect place on the kitchen bench and shout at it. So we are satisfyingly disconnected from the social media world and that is all good from where we sit.

We thought the garden was pretty cool when we bought the house but now that we…

Four more new geotech factual reports

EQC have released four more T&T geotechnical factual reports. These reports cover:
St AlbansWaimairi/Queens ParkWainoniWalthamThese, and the previously released reports, can be found here.

To repeat what was said in previous posts: much of the material is impenetrable to the normal mind but may have some useful background and summary information in the main part. The appendices have the bulk of the technical stuff. Appendix A defines the area under investigation, shows where the testing took place and what sort of testing it was. The other appendices vary in content and intelligibility.

The full list of releases is now:
AranuiAvondaleHillsboroughHoon HayNorth New BrightonOpawaPapanuiSomerfieldSpreydonSt AlbansSydenhamWaimairi/Queens ParkWainoniWaltham.

Earthquake Royal Commission - building fatalities hearing

The Royal Commission has commenced hearings on the buildings (other than CTV and PGC) that caused fatalities.

The following is an extract from the opening submission by Mark Zarifeh, one of the counsel assisting the Royal Commission. The full 4 page submission can be downloaded from here.
The fact that over 80% of the deaths caused by these building failures were in relation to people outside the buildings - in the main, pedestrians and motorists -highlights that the issue of what we are to do about URM buildings is a very real community problem.It also graphically highlights the futility of a Territorial Authority or Local Council having a passive earthquake prone policy and the need to urgently implement policies throughout New Zealand to, at the very least, address the potential dangers these buildings pose from collapsing facades, walls and parapets.These hearings will also address other issues raised by the Royal Commission's Terms of Reference including:
The inspect…