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Tribute to Avonside

Tribute to Avonside: Service of Thanksgiving Sunday, 31 March 2013 Do you have any photographs of life in Avonside? Do you live in Avonside? Did you or your family live there in the past? Were you married at Holy Trinity Avonside, or baptised there? A photography exhibition is being planned for the 31st of March 2013.

A service of thanksgiving and blessing, will also be given this day at 2pm by Bishop Victoria Matthews.

If you have any photographs or paintings of life in Avonside, including family or church life - wedding photos etc, and are able to donate a copy of the photo, or allow us to copy it, please contact us. Please contact either Rosalyn Deane at or the parish office ph 389-6948 or     Thank you.

EQC – TC3 geotechnical updates

EQC have updated their TC3 geotechnical investigations page here, and their TC3 drilling schedulehere..

EQC - Apportionment explained

EQC have updated their website to provide more detail on what apportionment means, and how it is worked out. From the EQC website. Many Canterbury homes have suffered damage from more than one earthquake. Settling claims where damage has been caused by a number of successive ‘events' is much more complex than settling claims from a single natural disaster. That's because EQC cannot assess the overall damage and settle the claim on that basis. We must attribute – or apportion – the damage to individual events. How apportionment is worked outIf your home has been assessed after each event, apportionment is straightforward – we'll have records of the damage that occurred with each quake. However, because of the number of successive earthquakes and aftershocks that have caused damage and been classed as 'events', in the majority of cases it hasn't been possible to assess the damage each time. Therefore, for the majority of homes, EQC needs to use a variety of met…

Southern Response Progress statistics update

Southern Response have updated their progress statistics to the end of September. The chart is here..

CERA release of the October edition of the Greater Christchurch Recovery Update

CERA have released the October issue of the Greater Christchurch Recovery Update (here). The more or less useful contents cover: Update from the Christchurch central Development Unit Online Wellbeing Survey Port Hills rockroll zoning decisions SCIRT update EQC: Canterbury home repair process CDHB: Christchurch Hospital redevelopment Environment Canterbury: living with demolition dust in Christchurch Community support for Burwood residents and updates from Christchurch City Council, Selwyn district Council, and Waimakariri District Councils