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Southern Response - follow up to customer meetings

Southern Response have published a partial follow up to the customer meetings held last month. Follow up information has been posted here on the following topics:When will my home be built?Can you be more flexible with the temporary accommodation allowance?The build contract and MOU are in your (Southern Response’s) your favour.What is covered by EQC land settlement payments and what land area will Southern Response address if I assign my EQC land claim to you?Can I have the geotech data that relates to my property?.

The Anxious Times - newsletter of Anxiety Support

The previous blog entry introduced Anxiety Support. One of the significant services they provide is a quarterly support newsletter The Anxious Times that can be read on-line or downloaded for reading later ( or printing out). Copies of the newsletters are available here.The newsletters published to date are:Autumn 2013Prescription changes, Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder, Cluttering Vs Hoarding, Thinking About Working, Mental Health Websites.Summer 2013Post Earthquake Depression; Antidepressants or Dandelions; Happiness is not the purpose in life; Silent face of Social Phobia.Spring 2012Out of the Blue; Always Expect Recovery; Youth Health; Rural Services; Transport for Christchurch; School closures Cause Anxiety.Winter 2012Sleeping Easy; Gardening and Mental Health; Warm water and lemon; Forgive and Forget;Autumn 2012OCD Studies; Supporting Families; Work and Income; Ochiltree Earthquake Retreat; Post Traumatic Stress; Anxiety, Hoarding and ClutterSummer 2011/2012Happiness; Laughte…

Anxiety support for Cantabrians

Anxiety Support is a non-profit organisation working for people who experience, or support others who have, any form of anxiety.  Anxiety Support’s services are free to people aged 18-65 who live in Canterbury. They have a blog (here) and a website (here) where information about their services, and the support that can be provided, is available. .

Southern Response and land remediation

Southern Response issued a media release yesterday advising that although their AMI policy obligations do not cover land repairs, they can manage land repairs in most cases. The advantage to policy holders is that damage to land and buildings can be worked on together.The full media release, which explains the basics of how this will be done, is reproduced below. The original is here.

Website & petition for Red Zoners with uninsured land

The following is from the blog of Sarah Miles (author The Christchurch Fiasco):We have just launched our website. This website tells our story in minute detail. … We really want people to know our story, please forward our website to your friends and colleagues to check out for themselves, there’s a link to the petition on the home page. The evidence put up for all to see is a damning indictment of our current government’s actions. We will update it daily with news on our plight as we count down to the deadline of 31 March 2013.The Pay 100 website is here. Sarah’s blog is here. A previous Avonside Blog entry here offers a somewhat cynical reason for why the 50% offer was made in the first place..

EQC land settlement Q&A

CanCERN have produced a document outlining land settlement questions and responses between CanCERN and EQC. It includes new and useful information.The information will be in CanCERN’s newsletter this week, or you can access a copy via Google Docshere..

Updated guidance for repairing and rebuilding homes affected by the Canterbury earthquakes

The March edition of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Codewords newsletter contains updated information on the repairing and rebuilding homes affected by the Canterbury earthquakes (here).The information covers:

EQC flat land assessments

From the progress and updates page of the EQC website (here). EQC will take until the end of this year to assess claims for damage to land on the flat. It is expected all land claims will be paid by the end of 2014.8 March 2013EQC is assessing flat land damage claims – and this assessment process will continue for the rest of this year. A huge number of variables come into play in settling a land claim, and these call on quite specialised skills. Some of these skills are in limited supply – including people capable of undertaking geotechnical evaluation of the information reported back by the assessment teams, and people with good knowledge of the local property market who can help with establishing the value of the land in question. This doesn’t affect EQC’s target of having all assessments of all damaged land completed by the end of this year – but it does mean that it may take longer than first anticipated to begin making payments. EQC will be paying the most straightforward claims…

Canterbury liquefaction vulnerability study

From the EQC site:EQC has engaged Tonkin & Taylor to undertake a study to determine a method for predicting where liquefaction-related damage is likely to occur in future seismic events in Canterbury.The main report (a technical document) is available on the EQC websitehere. A non-technical version of the  report will be added to the website later.The appendices, which include the maps to go with the report, will be available from the Tonkin & Taylor website soon.