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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cooperative Sections - affordable sections meeting

Cooperative Sections is a project to identify areas where affordable land is available and work co-operatively to purchase and develop land for housing.

From their website:
The solution - Co-operate with a like-minded group of people to get a section at a 30% discount to typical current market prices.  This both gives you an affordable section and additional equity equal to the difference between the cost of the section and the market price of equivalent sections. While the development will be co-operative, the intended outcome is  that you will have an individual title to a section in the same way you would get from the other developments available in Christchurch
A public meeting is to be held at 6.00pm on Thursday the 19th of January to discuss progress so far and the areas where where suitable land has been identified. The venue is the Sydenham Room, South Library, 66 Colombo Street (Beckenham, by the Heathcote River).

There is more information here.

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