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CERA Red Zone meetings on Monday and Wednesday

On Wednesday CERA sent invitations to those still in the Red Zone to attend a Red Zone workshop. There are four workshops in all: Monday 20 May at 1pm or 6.30pm Wednesday 22 May at 1pm or 6.30pm.The letters are going to those who have not yet settled with CERA, their  insurer, or have a settlement date between now and July. The workshops will provide the information you need about the deadline and how case management will work.  Please note you must register in advance to be able to attend one of the four workshops. The following is the text of the letter (click the link to see the rest)

Criteria for CERA’s Residential Advisory Service

On the RAS site there is a description of the three steps used by the Service (here).Step 1 includes the words “a staff member will take you through a short assessment to see whether your circumstances meet the criteria …”.  In case it is not clear what this means, the criteria is listed further up their web page and I have reproduced it below.The wording is a bit equivocal (may be available if …) however there oughtn’t be any surprises (let me know if there are). This service may be available to you if you are an earthquake-affected residential property owner and you: believe you are in disagreement with another party over your repair or rebuild process, or are not confident about or do not understand the complex matters associated with your rebuild or repair process.However, you cannot use the service if you: have filed legal proceedings against your insurer (if your issue is insurance related), or are participating in EQC mediation (if your issue is EQC related), or are trying to d…

CERA’s Residential Advisory Service

The Residential Advisory Service (RAS) starts business from 8.00 tomorrow morning. The RAS website is here.The basics are:Phone number 0800 777 299Call centre hours  8am to 5pm When will meetings with independent advisors begin?  Cases will be triaged by the call centre and placed with advisors based on the specific nature of issues, with the first advisor/property owner meetings beginning on Monday 20 May. Where will meetings take place?  The Residential Advisory Service has secured space in 15 locations around greater Christchurch so meetings can occur in convenient places for property owners. Who are the independent advisors?  They’re professional people working in the field in greater Christchurch across the areas of engineering, building, geo-technical expertise, real estate and insurance.

Over-cap and got creeping mould or weather-tightness issues?

Australian insurance news website InsuranceNEWS reports the CEO of the Insurance Council of New Zealand as encouraging all owners of over-cap earthquake damaged homes to contact their insurers if there are problems with mould. This applies only to homes that are over-cap, as EQC and Fletcher/EQR are responsible for under-cap properties.Some extracts from the article (full articlehere).Canterbury homeowners should contact their insurers if they are affected by creeping mould from liquefied soil caused by the earthquakes, according to the Insurance Council of New Zealand (ICNZ). “While the removal of liquefied soil is a land issue, and therefore the responsibility of the Earthquake Commission, insurers will look at removing soil for ‘over-cap’ homes and settle with [the commission] afterwards,” ICNZ CEO Tim Grafton said. Temporary weatherproofing repairs can be carried out without affecting the full repair waiting list. “I’m aware some people are worried about seeking help because they …