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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Victorian (Melbourne) earthquake

An Australian website, , has an article about the recent Victorian earthquake. It discusses how Australia is more prone to earthquakes than many may think, looks at the history of earthquakes in Australia, current research being carried out there, and makes a few comparisons with the Canterbury earthquakes.

The article is here. The web site has a seismology page here and there is an article that looks at whether there is a connection between mining and earthquakes (here).

Friday, 22 June 2012

EQC update - opting out of Fletcher/EQR repairs

EQC have updated their information on opting out. The update appears to be pretty much a full re-write.

The update is here.

Click on the link to see the text of the previous version of the FAQ.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Earthquake Royal Commission - Building Management After Earthquakes

The Royal Commission have added a discussion paper Building Management After Earthquakes to their on-line library here.

The discussion paper poses a series of questions and people may respond to the questions directly, respond to some but not others, or generally discuss the topics in the paper.

From the Royal Commission's website:
This discussion paper focuses on how buildings were managed in Christchurch after the September 2010 earthquake. It looks at matters that may have led to problems in how the building safety operation was carried out that would be likely to happen again (i.e. problems with the system, rather than whether it was done well or not). The paper does not address every issue people have identified in submission or reports to the Royal Commission to date. These will be addressed in our final report. The paper focuses on how we can improve things using a range of tools - not just legislation.
The discussion paper seeks comment on the implementation and effectiveness of the building management processes used after the 4 September 2010 and 26 December 2010 earthquakes. It asks what lessons can be learnt about how to manage an area's building stock to better meet the goal of ensuring public safety after a disaster.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Holy Trinity fun day – Tuesday the 3rd of July

Holy Trinity is having a fun day for children for the school holidays - with heaps of fun activities. 





To Register Please Phone 389-6948 – You Can Leave A Message; Or E-Mail


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Some repair Dos and Don'ts

Winstone Wallboards, who make Gib Board, have produced a two page leaflet The Dos and Don'ts for Cosmetic Repairs.  It is a very useful little checklist to compare against what repairs have been recommended for your house.

An essential point made in the brochure is that cosmetic repairs can only be carried out after house strength and stiffness have been reinstated. Has this been assessed for your house?  Is it mentioned anywhere in the documentation you have received?

Got lath and plaster? Check the third and fourth points below.

Here are some of the DOs and DON'Ts:
  • DO carry out a structural assessment and re-instate strength and stiffness before committing to cosmetic repairs.
  • DON’T ‘ hide’ damage by plastering and painting over cracks.
  • DON’T install gypsum plasterboard over damaged lath and plaster wall and ceiling finishes.
  • DO remove all plaster from the lath. Only leave timber slats if they provide a solid and level surface for gypsum plasterboard fixing.
  • DON’T direct fix gypsum plasterboard over stipple ceilings.
  • DON’T plaster over wall paper.
The leaflet with the full checklist can be found here.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Ansvar insurance - Reserve Bank concerns

According to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has some concerns about the contingency scheme recently agreed to by creditors. These concerns involve the possibility of a shortfall of assets, and there being a potential for an unfair distribution between the claimants.

The full article is here.