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Making your house warmer

The Community Energy Action charitable trust has a website with advice about energy use, making houses warm and healthy.

There is a page dedicated to earthquake damaged houses with information on:
Insulation and your EQC claim/repairsTaking advantage of earthquake repairs to make your home warmerStaying warm in a quake damaged house or temporary rental propertyHow to get more informationand some practical suggestions for weather proofing stuff you can do yourself. The page is here.

Finding sections to build on in the greater Christchurch region

If you are thinking of devoting some of Easter to looking for a place to build, the Press has a web page that can help.

Using a map of the greater Christchurch area, you click on the button for the area you want, and are taken to information on subdivisions underway in that area. Click on the name of the subdivision and information about section numbers, sizes, and prices will pop up. The page ishere.

When visiting subdivisions don't forget to check out the conditions that apply to the sections - size, design and colour of the house, restrictions on animals and the age of your car, where you can have your barbecue, and what trees and shrubs are permitted.

Release of Cabinet Papers - Green zoning for Banks Peninsula

CERA have released the October 14 2011 Cabinet Paper covering the decision to zone Banks Peninsula Green.

It can be downloaded fromhere.

Relocating Red Zone houses

Roger Sutton's weekly Update released yesterday contains the following interesting snippet (at the end of the 7th paragraph) on Red Zone houses:
"CERA is looking into the possibility of relocating relatively undamaged red zone houses in cases where Government offers are accepted." If you are interested it would pay to give CERA a call on 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372) and ask how they are getting on with the idea. The Update ishere.

Lessons from Christchurch - how reinsurers are being hurt by health and safety concerns

An article Lessons from Christchurch about how reinsurers are being hurt by health and safety concerns has been written by Marcus Johnson. Johnson is a long time underwriting member of Lloyd's, and Chief Executive of Financial and Insurance Advisers, NW Brown. The article arises from a visit he made to Christchurch.

The second paragraph sets the tone of the article:
"In this article he suggests that reinsurers need to exercise better controls over major claims in developed economies due to a systematic tendency for government action to inflate economic losses which then become reinsurance losses through the back door. His example is Christchurch but exactly the same problem is evident with the Fukushima event where exclusion zones and consequential losses have been inflated far beyond all reasonable levels by a zero tolerance approach to risk rather than an economic one." A bit short in the fact department Johnson is long on emotional concern, and fanciful with…