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St Albans Community Centre - blog

St Albans Community Centre have an excellent blog. You can find it here.

CanCERN web presence

Our society is a member of CanCERN (Canterbury Communities’ Earthquake Recovery Network), a organisation set up to be:
"... a network of Residents Association and Community Group representatives from the earthquake-affected neighbourhoods of Canterbury.  We aim for full community engagement in recovery processes and to work in partnership with recovery agencies."CanCERN is trying very hard, on behalf of communities like ours, to make sure our needs and views reach those who make the decisions. They are not an advocacy group, but work to help make "things" happen to our benefit. 
CanCERN now has its own website, The website is still in its early stages and needs more work to fulfil it's ambition of being a place to find important information, the issues, and what is happening, in the rebuilding of Christchurch. Keep an eye on it and let me know what you would like to have added. I will pass that on. They also have a blog.

EQC Information: Claimant News

EQC have a new web page called Claimant news: Earthquake Commission Update Information

Published today, it contains the latest EQC information of interest to claimants. It seems to be a web version of an e-mail newsletter to be sent to all who registered claims with the EQC for the September or February earthquakes.

According to the website the e-letter will be sent to all who have claims in progress and have provided EQC with an e-mail address.

This items covered in this issue are:
EQC Operations over EasterWinter Heating ProgrammeEmergency RepairsUpdate on ProgressContact EQCThe web page is here.

Temporary Housing - some photographs

Jennian Homes have been awarded the contract to build the temporary accommodation to be located in the eastern suburbs.

Information, photographs, and floor plans can be found on this NZ Herald web pagehere. Information on Jennian Homes, the company, can be found on their website (here) and Facebook pagehere.

EQC - conflicting advice on land remediation excesses - update

On the 25th of March EQC were advised that their FAQ was giving misleading information about the excess payable on land damage (see blog posthere). This update is to say that nothing useful has happened.

EQC sent an e-mail on the 29th of March acknowledgeing contact with them,  advising it had been designated as a complaint, and would be handled accordingly. Nothing else has happened. I checked their FAQ last night and the correction has not been made.

The moral of the story is that nothing on EQC's website, especially any advice they give, should be taken at face value. There appears to be no quality control, so be careful. If you are not sure about something, ask someone.

KiwiSaver relief for earthquake-affected Cantabrians

The Government announced today provisions for people in Canterbury at the time of the earthquakes to make a financial hardship claim and withdraw funds from Kiwisaver. It is unlikely that claims can be made immediately as it will take time for the detail to filter through to Kiwisaver providers.

The key part of the announcement is:
Mr Power said that under the changes, any resident of Canterbury at the time of the earthquake is entitled to refer to the following circumstances when applying for a financial hardship claim:The destruction or damage of property as a result of the earthquake.The loss of employment as a result of the earthquake.Costs incurred as a result of the earthquake, including costs associated with moving home or dealing with trauma. Mr Power said officials are working closely with KiwiSaver trustees to provide guidance on how to deal with earthquake-related hardship claims.“Trustees will be advised to take a sensible and pragmatic approach to complications …

Piko is back - Stanmore Road

Piko Wholefoods Co-operative has relocated to 248 Stanmore Road and will be open for business from the 26th of this month (next Tuesday).

Avonside Early Childhood Centre

The Centre is a community preschool that has been in the area for 25 plus years. They have had a drop in numbers since the earthquake and would welcome additional enrolments. If you live in the area, and are looking for an early childhood centre, please check them out.

They operate school terms. If you are interested please contact them at 43 Woodham Road, or phone 389 8473.

Red Cross temporary school grants - AGHS and others

Temporary school grants are available to parents of pupils who have been required to attend another school because of school closures.  The extract below is from Red Cross grants site:
$500 to the caregiver for each child affected by the temporary closure of their early childhood facility or school, to cover travel costs or the cost of alternative childcare arrangements.The Temporary School Grant is available for those caregivers whose child or children can no longer attend the early childhood facility or school they were enrolled in prior to the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake because the early childhood facility or school will remain closed until the beginning of term three (1 August 2011).Schools affected from closure are Avonside Girls, Linwood College, Catholic Cathedral College, Discovery One, Heaton Normal Intermediate, Marian College, St Mary’s School, St Paul’s School, Shirley Boys’ High School and Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti.The grant will also be paid for c…

Avonside Community Group meeting - Monday the 19th of April

The Avonside Community Group is meeting tomorrow, Monday the 18th of April at 6.30pm

The venue is the Wainoni Methodist Church, 878 Avonside Drive.

For more information contact Leanne Curtis by e-mail (please take out the dashes - to make sense of the e-mail address) or phone on 338-5255   A PDF flyer for the meeting can be downloaded here.

Emergency Repairs - Fletchers/EQR

If anyone needs emergency repairs as a result of last night's rumbles contact Fletchers/EQR on 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243).