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EQC: Settling land damage claims - a progress update

EQC today released their January 2013 update on progress with land claims.The news release is here..

EQC removing further rights to information

EQC have again changed their webpage on TC3 Drilling (here).Today they removed the opportunity for a TC3 property owner to review the drilling data relevant to their property. Originally the section on data management and interpretation read:EQC manages the drilling data through the web-based Canterbury Geotechnical Database. The data is uploaded to the database when drilling has been completed. The data is highly technical. It is available to geotechnical and structural engineers, council officers, and other specialists, to assist them with the design of foundations for obtaining building consent for your home. (If you’d like to review the data that is relevant for your property, ask the project manager or engineer allocated to your repair.)The opportunity to review the data (last sentence, in brackets) has now been removed so you cannot ask the project manager or engineer..

Early versions of EQC’s website

In the previous post was mentioned as a place to find early versions of EQC’s website information.New Zealand's National Library also archives NZ websites. Access to past versions of EQC's website can be found by going to the search pagehere and searching for EQC website.The National Library does not appear to have captured the Claims Procedure Manual, but earlier versions of some pre and post earthquake information is available..

EQC’s original Claims Procedure Manual

Thanks to the vigilance of blog reader Hugo a copy of part of the original EQC Claims Procedure Manual has been located. This could be valuable to those seeking to check the procedural integrity of EQC.The full manual was available on the EQC website for some months after September 4 then removed, presumably as a response to the increasing scrutiny they were facing as the quality of claims handling degenerated.Of course you can’t hide evidence of an on-line presence in the internet age – as Facebook users know. In this case a US website captured the information and stored it on their Wayback Machine,here. I haven’t had a chance to check it out in depth however it looks as though they have captured snapshots of EQC’s website for more than 10 years. To find all references to EQC go to this page and search for in the Wayback Machine search box (left of centre, near the top of the page) then click the Take Me Back button. All going well there will be a …

Southern Response: House claims - out of scope FAQ

Southern Response today added a new FAQ page (here) to cover claims that are “out of scope” i.e. not covered by EQC. The Southern Response definition of out of scope claims is:You may have earthquake damage to parts of your property that are not insured by EQC but are covered under your AMI House Policy.  We call claims relating to these parts of your property 'out of scope' claims as the damage is outside of the scope of cover EQC provides.  These claims may include earthquake damaged patios, paths, fences, driveways (including shared driveways and fences) and pools.The FAQ topic headings are:What are the different settlement options Southern Response offers for out of scope claims? What are out of scope claims? What happens if I have an under cap house claim with EQC and an out of scope claim with SR - will EQC manage the repairs on both? Will Southern Response assess my house damage when you assess my out of scope damage? Who will do the assessment of my out of scope da…

EQC updates

EQC have updated some of the information pages on their website. Click on the name to go to the page:News and updatesScorecard (latest statistics)Perhaps most important is EQC’s request that those with contents claims for which EQC are still awaiting information,  to provide a completed Schedule of Contents form and any supporting documentation by the 1st of March (here)..

Southern Response: customer meeting

Southern Response are advertising that they will be holding a “customer meeting” on Tuesday the 12th of February from 6.30 to 8.30 pm (venue not stated).The purpose of the meeting is to update customers on the settlement process, including the repair and rebuild programme. Claims staff will be available after the meeting.As space is limited it is necessary to register your interest in attending, and indicate the number of seats you need.  This can be done by going to their website here and clicking on the advertisement, or sending an e-mail to or phoning 371-0921.It would appear that when your reservations are confirmed details of the venue will be provided..