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Vero New Zealand - Update

Vero New Zealand have provided an update on their Christchurch operations, and policy renewals, on this page here (this is a link to a PDF document).

Diana Clement: It pays to ensure you know your cover well (Insurance)

Diana Clement of the NZ Herald has written a very useful and insightful article on insurance cover, and the difficulties and pitfalls facing policy holders in Christchurch. The article is here.

EQC Rapid Assessments - Patton and Cowlishaw Streets

Both Sharon from Patton Street, and Gail and my, houses were assessed today. Fortunately Sharon and Gail were home when the assessor called. Others are reporting coming home to an assessment placed in the letter box.

Both Sharon and Gail found the inspection cursory and, in our case, not completely focused on the damage. Both feel that you need to be home to ensure that everything is seen, however that is unlikely to be the case.

Apparently EQC believe a suitable assessment can, if necessary, be made from outside a house. When you look at the assessment form it seems obvious that an assessment of just the outside will, in some cases, be insufficient to decide into which of the first three categories a house best fits. If you think you need emergency repairs call EQC 0800 DAMAGE (0800 326 243) irrespective of what the assessment says.

This is what a preliminary assessment looks like:

EQC "Rapid Assessments" have begun.

EQC's new "rapid" way of assessing properties started today in the suburbs most affected by earthquake damage, including Avonside. Some houses in our area, and street, have already been done (see next post).

The object of the exercise is to take a short look at a property to "prioritise needs and repairs and give residents the time frame for when EQC will be coming back for a full assessment." The end result of this approach is to establish a preliminary assessment, putting a property into one of five categories (the next post will have a copy of an actual assessment).

The timetable for the assessments is:

from today (11th of March):
AvondaleAranuiAvonsideBexleyBromleyDallingtonNorth LinwoodMt PleasantRedcliffsWainoniStarting on Monday assessments will be undertaken in:
FerrymeadLinwoodNew BrightonPhillipstownRichmondShirleyWesthavenWoolstonYou can find more at the EQC web site here. If you download the pdf file (here) you will find a map on the last page …

Street update

As at Thursday evening road access is still available to Cowlishaw, Chaddesden and Retreat only via Patton or Gloucester. Retreat Road is closed at the Swanns Bridge end. Access from Avonside Drive is closed off at the Woodham Road end and Swanns bridge is closed.

Utilities are almost back to normal. Electricity is still generated from Retreat Park and water seems to be back permanently with good pressure. Telephone and internet for Telecom/Xtra users has been progressivvely restored since yesterday. There is confusion with sewage: chemical toilets have been issued, or are available, to all households in the area, and there is an official expectation they will be used. At the same time the CCC advises that those with water available can use their normal toilets.

Silly idea of the month - part 2

All is well - just a lack of communication. Someone came along, dug a hole, and stuck the tank in it.

John Key announces the mass demolition of houses

This policy was decided, and announced, with no consultation with local MPs. There will be no clear indication of what houses will go until the geotech reports have been done, so it will be a case of just waiting patiently. Even at this point it is unlikely that many houses in our area will be involved - most likely Bexley and the like.

As Brendon Burns, our  MP, was not given advance notice he cannot give reassurances either to those who want to take the money or those who want to stay.

Anyone with concerns should ring Brendon on 377-8840 and he will do what he can for you.

Porta-loos from Marlborough

MP Brendon Burns has used his contacts with Marlborough vineyards to send their unused porta-loos to help out, especially for individuals or families with major health and other issues. They are being cleaned up at the moment and will be distributed in the next few days.

Some safety and security issues

If you are away for a while, or at night time, please check that power is off at the switch board, cancel your newspapers (or arrange for someone to fetch them), check for water leaks as the water is back on for the moment, check pipes and drainage once water is back.

It would also be useful to contact your power and telephone supplier to advise them of the loss of service and to get whatever credits they can offer.

Silly idea of the month?

When the chemical toilets were delivered we were told that tanks would be supplied to take the human waste from them. Yesterday one of these tanks was left outside 40 Cowlishaw Street.

So far so good. However the tank is about 1.7 meters high (5'7") so, to reach the top, open the lid, and pour toxic material into it would require someone at least 2m tall. Unless it is put into a hole in the ground, or a secure platform installed beside or around it, it will be impossible to use.

If what we have is all we get then it could be a contender for silly idea of the month award. More seriously it is also a contender for a serious health hazard.

Brendon Burns - next community meeting

The next meeting is to be held at Retreat Park tomorrow ( Monday the 7th) at 2.00pm.

All going well the Red Cross will also be there to handle emergency grant applications.

Linwood Shops on the 6th of March