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Geology field work in our area this weekend

Tim Stahl, a lecturer in Geology at the University of Canterbury will be running a mapping field trip this weekend (Saturday and Sunday 11th and 12th of August) in the area from Retreat Road northward to the southern bank of the Avon.  Students will be wearing high-vis and are advised to not enter any property under any circumstances.  They will be sticking to the roads, river, and Sullivan Park, and will be parking on or around Bracken Street (near Mark Quigley's old house). If anyone has any questions or concerns they can contact Tim directly  timothy.stahl (at)

What about a tsunami?

I appreciate there is already enough to be worried about, however we did get where we are now by not knowing enough. Environment Canterbury have released a media statement on the effects on Christchurch and Kaiapoi in a worst case scenario tsunami. The statement is based upon a NIWA report (see below).Environment Canterbury today released a report indicating a possible “worst case” scenario for Christchurch and Kaiapoi in the unlikely event that a tsunami arrives on our shores following a large earthquake in a distant location. The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research has modelled the possible effects of “distant-source tsunami inundation” (flooding) in the areas most affected by the February 2011 earthquake. “The likelihood of all these factors occurring together in the same way is very low, so the level of tsunami inundation represented by the modelling only happens every few thousand years. In the vast majority of tsunamis that may affect us, the inundation will not…

Ombudsman’s Office–EQC complaints fact sheet

The Ombudsman has published a two page fact sheet on EQC related complaints that can be investigated by her office.The fact sheet is short, to the point and very useful. It ishere. The Ombudsman’s website is here.

Earthquake Royal Commission – Opening Submission for Christchurch City Council

The Royal Commission has published the Opening Submission of Counsel for the Christchurch City Council here.

Scientific link between small earthquakes and injection wells

Website has an article that demonstrates a link between injection wells  (used to dispose of the wastes from fracking).  Based on research carried out at the University of Texas at Austin, and supported  by the US Geological Survey, there is a link between waste materials pumped into the ground and small earthquakes (< magnitude 3.0).The following are extracts from the article, which ishere:

Office of the Ombudsman - update

I’m not sure what this is a sign of but – the Office of the Ombudsman now has a Facebook presencehere.They have also spruced up their website which is now much more user friendly (here).

CERA–Green Zone community meetings

CERA is coordinating a series of community meetings for green zone property owners. These are an opportunity to hear from and talk with representatives from CERA, Building and Housing, insurers, Council and EQC on the latest information, including the issues facing property owners in technical category 3.The meetings will run from 27 August when more information will be available about flood risk, insurance processes and land damage assessments. People do not need to register to attend. More information is available at or by calling 0800 RING CERA (0800 7464 2372). Calling the CERA 0800 number is not like calling EQC or your insurance company. You will get real, live and helpful people who do a good job. The meetings will be promoted on the CERA website and through radio and print advertising. AugustMon 27 6-8.30pm, Richmond. Shirley Intermediate School, Corner North Parade and Shirley Road, ShirleyWed 29 6-8.30pm, Avonside. Christchurch East School, 311 Glouces…