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Parliamentary report on the Canterbury earthquake emergency response

A Parliamentary committee has found that the Government's emergency response system was not adequate to the needs of the February 22nd earthquake.

Brief, and generally a reflection of what was experienced on the ground, it concludes with the news that there will be a cross-Government exercise to evaluate the lessons from the Government response to the earthquakes.

The following is from the relevant part of the report:
Canterbury earthquake responseFollowing the Canterbury earthquakes, the department, particularly the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management which sits inside the department, was responsible for controlling and coordinating the response during a ten-week state of national emergency. It provided various services, including facilitation, procurement, and reimbursement, in the initial response and aftermath. The department is proud of its efforts, especially those of the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.We commend the department for…

EQC- FAQ on TC3 land

In EQC's broader FAQ there is a section where aspects of TC3 land are explained. The topics covered are listed below. If you are TC3 and your land is damaged you should read this stuff.
What exactly is TC3?What’s the relationship between TC3 and damage to my land?How does TC3 status affect my insurance claim?How long will EQC take to complete geotechnical engineering work on TC3 properties?Will the house still be insured if the foundations are undamaged and therefore not brought up to TC3 standard?Some land claims issuesWill insurers still honour a policy and repair a house if the land underneath is considered uneconomic to repair?What does EQC cover as part of a land claim?Is EQC planning to stop covering land?The web page is here.

Update: Opting out of Fletcher/EQR

This is an update on the post made in February last year. Information on the FAQ part of the EQC website has changed since then. The latest version is reproduced below, and is on EQC's website here.

Be aware that choosing to go it alone is a high risk option. Any cost over-runs will be your responsibility, as will compliance costs.

Also be aware that EQC change the content of their FAQ often and DO NOT FLAG THE FACT that there have been changes. Consequently, check regularly if you are relying on the content of their website.

Opting out of using Fletcher EQR

EQC has engaged Fletcher EQR (Earthquake Recovery) to manage the repair of homes with damage between $10,000 and $100,000 (+GST) per event.

This includes some homes that have total damage over $100,000 (+GST) but sustained damage in multiple quakes. If that damage is below $100,000 for each event, the claim will be referred to the Canterbury Home Repair Programme.

What are the benefits of staying with Fletcher EQR?

You w…

CERA Earthquake recovery update newsletter

The latest CERA Earthquake recovery update newsletter is available on their website here.

Topics include:
Free financial advice for residential red zone property owners (page 3)Checklist for red zone residents (page 4)SCIRT updateSection 45 notices at Redcliffs and SumnerNew "pop-up" cinemaRebuild Christchurch's "Let's Get it Done" dayRiver of flowers commemorating 22 February HomeShare helps recoveryCommunity events listing.

Insurance and the Queensland floods

The final report of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry was released on the 16th of March. At just over 650 pages it provides extensive cover of the events and consequences of last year's floods.

Significant insurance issues arose during the Inquiry, which covered them in some detail in Chapter 12 Performance of private insurers, including:
12.5.3 Timeliness of internal dispute resolution12.6 Communication with policy-holders. In this area the submissions to the Commission raised a number of issues about communication. Complaints included the following:
Insurers had dissuaded policy-holders from making claims.When they telephoned their insurers, policy-holders spent long periods of time on hold or could not get through.Insurers had not provided regular information about the progress of claims and had not returned policyholders’ phone calls.Insurers had told policy-holders, incorrectly, that their claims would be covered when they called to lodge claims.Insurers had…

CERA video: Your Health - Advice from the experts

Over the weekend CERA ran a programme, Your Health - Advice from the experts, on Maori TV.

For 29 minutes a panel discussion led by Roger Sutton covered:
how the health system is managing with damaged resourcesthe impact of the physical environment on individuals (dust, mould, cold)the effect on individuals of the ongoing issues of living in Christchurchhow people are respondingthe outlook for the future and how to respondhow to look after yourself.Panel contributors were Canterbury District Health Board chief executive David Meates; the medical officer of health Ramon Pink; a GP with links to the mental health sector, Dr Jeremy Baker and; anxiety specialist Dr Caroline Bell.

The video is available on-line here.