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TC3 – Southern Response’s approach

Southern Response have added a brief outline to their website on how they will be responding to claims from those on TC3 land. The outline (here) reads:Southern Response is stepping up its repair and rebuilding activity on properties on technical category 3 land (TC3) as part of its overall Canterbury rebuild strategy. Over the next few weeks we are writing to all of our customers with TC3 homes whose rebuild or repair plans are not already underway, urging them to press ahead with their insurance settlement election.  If our TC3 customers want to rebuild their house we can then get their home into our pre-design queue immediately. We have a number of projects already underway on TC3 land - currently more than 600 properties are in our pre-design and build queues; of those 191 are in design/documentation, seven are currently under construction, and two are completed. Letters will go first to TC3 customers who have received a Decision Pack and not yet advised us of their settlement …

Avon River Spring Festival Labour Weekend – visit the new SCIRT walkway

SCIRT are inviting people to inspect the new walk/cycleway next to the rebuilt part of Fitzgerald Avenue alongside the Avon Loop. There is more information here..

The meaning of Technical Categories

Building & Housing (formerly the Department of Building & Housing) have released information on what the technical categories mean. This will be mainly of interest to those in Green zones, many of whom are struggling to understand what is going on.The link here takes you to a video and transcript with explanations on the categories..

CERA’s Wellbeing Survey

As mentioned earlier (blog entry here) CERA have now extended their Wellbeing survey to all who want to have an input. People are asked to complete the survey only once, however ever person in a household is welcome to have their say.The survey takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the level of effort you want to put into it. The survey is here..

Book launch tonight - Selling the Dream

Despite the distractions of living in Orange and Red zones, and having to deal with EQC and other dim-witted & at times dubious organisations, Gail has been working away on two essays for a book Selling the Dream.The following is from the website associated with the book (here):Selling the Dream is the first dedicated and extensive celebration of tourism posters and other publicity that helped promote New Zealand – both locally and to the world – until the 1960s. This was a pivotal period in the history of New Zealand publicity – before television and colour photography changed the publicity landscape forever – creating not only a tourism marketing proposition but a sense of national identity as well. The imagery is some of the finest graphic art ever produced in New Zealand, and as arresting and impressive today as when it was first created.Published by award-winning New Zealand publisher Craig Potton Publishing, the book is a 408-page, large-format, high-end production with clos…