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Thursday, 3 February 2011

EQC complaints procedure - using it on Wednesday

Some people in the street have received their Scope of Works from EQC. As most properties had an assessment in late October, as did we, it seems reasonable that everyone should have had some communication from them by now.

Not having received our Scope of Works, while others around us have, it was time to ring EQC for a progress report. The person who answered the phone was good, offered to note the request for a copy, could confirm that we had not yet been sent a copy, nor had Fletchers. What she couldn't say was when we might receive it. Fair enough, in a call centre environment you can only see what is on the screen. Still, 3 and a bit months is quite a while so time to do something extra.

On the EQC Canterbury Earthquake website, buried away on the Contact page, is the link to the complaints page (here). The recommended procedure is to first call them and talk the matter through. Fine, however Gail has called a few times and is still waiting for a call back promised around the 19th of November. No point in doing that again, so maybe the situation was sufficiently aggravating to warrant a complaint.

A complaint was made just after 10 am yesterday morning, and we are still waiting for an e-mail acknowledgment. They have 5 working days to respond. The steps to making a complaint are listed below.

Will keep you posted.

The steps in making an on-line complaint (as per the EQC website here) are:
How do I send EQC a complaint?
You can click here to fill out and send us a form with the details of your complaint. We do need your claim number, so please make sure you have this ready.
Next steps
If you have sent us a complaint and given us an email address, we will send you an email confirming we have received your complaint.
Otherwise we will write to you acknowledging your complaint.
We will allocate your complaint to one of our team who will look into your complaint and contact you to work through the issue.
You should expect a response from us within 5 working days. If we need to take longer because, for example, we need to get additional information, we will let you know.

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