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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

EQC - Geotechnical reports: timetable for release

In a press release of 1 February EQC, amongst other things, provided the following information on the timetable for releasing the balance of the current technical ("factual") reports and what happens after that.

The bottom line seems to be that nothing significant will be known, for areas that need land remediation and protection for the future, until the middle or end of April. The full release can be found here.
Factual reports are a collation of all the data collected from geotechnical investigations, such as boreholes, soil testing, and seismic surveys, in the suburbs. They will be followed by interpretative reports, that include analysis of all the data collected.
There are 20 factual reports being produced in total. The reports will be available on the EQC website as they are completed, with the last due to be completed by the end of February ...
"They will help deliver on the Government’s commitment to funding additional work to give greater protection to people's property should a similar earthquake happen in the future," says Mr Dixon.
Repair to the land in these suburbs will also include smaller scale work on many properties, largely filling cracks and compaction.
"Following the geotechnical reports and further engineering work, recommendations will be made to the Government. The recommendations will include how the land remediation will be staged and how it will be integrated with the local councils’ infrastructure and private insurance companies' rebuild programmes," Mr Dixon says.
The Government expects to be working through these recommendations in early April.

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