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Saturday, 5 February 2011

EQC complaints procedure - another example of it in use

Michelle and Jeremy e-mailed me on Thursday to say they had used the complaint procedure a couple of weeks ago. Their experience:
" Two weeks ago we lodged a complaint with EQC using the complaints procedure and heard nothing from them within their stated time frame.
As we were unhappy about the lack of response we emailed  Sabina Eberle about the Complaints Procedure(cc.Gerry Brownlee and Brendon Burns)
Sabina Eberle( appears to be the problem solver for many of the issues  arising on Trade-me and EQC FaceBook pages informed us that the complaints department had our email and would contact us "shortly". This has not occurred.
... we will be contacting her to ask why our concerns are not acknowledged or dealt with."
Clearly nothing new about Gail's and my experience (so far we have not had an acknowledgement of our e-mail). For now I am happy to wait and see how this plays out.

Michelle and Jeremy also raised a very good point: "However the question remains - how overloaded is the Complaints department?"

I was at a meeting late last year when we were told EQC were in the process of setting up a complaints group, and there would be somewhere between 5 and 7 people appointed to it. Only the most blithely optimistic of people could have considered that to be sufficient staff.

Will keep you posted of both Michelle and Jeremy, and Gail and my, progress with this.

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