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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Will you be out of the Red Zone by the 31 July deadline?

Late last year Minister Brownlee announced the deadline for departure from the residential Red Zones was extended to the 31st of July.

For many this was just the amount of extra time needed to get claims sorted, a settlement date agreed, find a new place to live, and get out.

With 31 July nearly four months away there are a few clear cases where departure still isn’t going to happen because of problems created by others. Insurance companies are part of the problem, along with land developers who promised early title availability and have failed to deliver. There are other issues too.

CanCERN are trying to assess the size of the problem and are running a brief on-line survey (here) of just four questions, and a box for additional comments. If you think you will be struggling to be out by the 31st of July please fill out the survey!

If CERA have rung to see how you are getting please also fill out the CanCERN survey, even if you have told them of the problems you face. If you have done our CowPats survey, please still fill out the CanCERN survey.

The CanCERN survey is important because the information is going into the hands of an organisation that serves the earthquake affected.  The information they gather will be a good reality check and counter-balance to official figures.


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