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Friday, 1 March 2013

CERA - Community issues and questions update

CERA have started adding information to their Community Issues page (here). If you want to submit a question CERA ask that you do so via the CanCERN web page here.

The first two questions for which CERA have gathered responses are:

1   What kind of information am I entitled to receive about my property?

  • How do I get that information?
  • How long should it take?
  • Examples - scope of works, assessment documents

Answers have been provided by EQC, Southern Response, VERO, IAG, and Lumley.

2. Once payment has been determined when can I expect to receive it?
The talking points being;

  • Some people are receiving payment and some are not
  • What is the process and where do I fit?
  • Those overcap / <$15,000

EQC have provided the answer to this question.


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