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Monday, 25 February 2013

A different insight into EQC

There is an earthquake blog called EQC Truths. It is the on-going story of “What Really Happens at EQC from an ex-EQC Employee”

As the blogger is anonymous there is no way of determining how accurate the posts are. However, from the articles blogged so far, and with a reasonable general knowledge of EQC, I would say the blogger knows a lot more than we do and is working to share it.

Some recent articles:

  • Internal EQC Study Reveals 30% of Assessments Had Critical Errors

  • EQC loses major insurance case

  • Why I Choose to Remain Anonymous

  • Beware of Fletchers says a Former Fletchers Employee

  • Your Claim Might Get Cash Settled

  • Today’s EQC Stuff Up

  • The EQC Reinsurance Rip-off

  • The Animals of EQC

This is an extract from the Animals of EQC article:

Instead of seeking feedback from the organisation on how to make it more efficient or how it could improve its dysfunctional processes, the entire EQC organisation decided to focus on “the kind of animal that EQC is today” and the “kind of animal you would like us to be”.  Imagine 120 people took time out of their “busy” day to submit their cards and “EQC leaders” spent countless hours meticulously examining the submissions to narrow it to a “Final 6”.  Perhaps one of the “analysts” at EQC could tell us the number of man-hours and financial costs expended on this ridiculousness.

Apparently EQC staff saw their organisation’s current totem animals to include the stegosaurus, cat, rat, tuatara, octopus and aardvark. For the future they looked toward becoming ants, Qi Lin, jaguars, humans, and swans. According to the blogger this animal identity information is extracted from an e-mail to staff from EQC’s CEO Ian Simpson in August of last year.

You can read these things on the EQC Truths blog here.


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